Qore Is the Way into the MAG Beta

Jeff Rubenstein, Social Media Manager of Sony, just leaked some information that he thought had already came out related to the MAG Beta.

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Nick2120043562d ago

Doing these kind of promotions will definitely sell annual subscriptions of Qore.

mastiffchild3562d ago

I think this is pretty crappy actually as those of us living outside the US can't subscribe to it. Are we just not wanted? Is the fact Europe was far more loyal to PS3 than the US unnoticed? Even when we paid more for our PS3s?

So not only do Sony not allow us the chance to buy Qore at all, not only do they fail to provide anything similar for us but we're kept out of Betas as a result of THEIR actions.

Ta for nothing Sony and thanks SCEE for lagging behind every other region in services and opportunities. This kind of US centric thinking really winds us UK/EU gamers up and whatever you might think paying more for everything AND getting shafted over services and shances like this does wear you down aafter a couple of years of it.

I do hope there are other ways we in the EU can get in/be invited as surely they want to test servers properly with connsctions from all over the net, no? I couldn't find anything indicating they are though.

Mr_Controversy3562d ago

So far I give this game a 7.2...pretty buggy.

Once this game gets the bugs ironed out, it will probably score a 7.5 at best. This game is like Socom mixed with CounterStrike but isn't good at either.

3562d ago
xTruthx3562d ago

@ Mr_Controversy

Whats your psn ID, cus im in it too. So we can play togetha

mrv3213562d ago

So a game with no bugs=0.3 higher than the same game with bugs?

Also what else don't you like about it, people really like socom and people really like Counter strike in-fact those two games are some of the most genre defining games for FPS's and tacticalish online FPS/TPS.

It may not be your game I've seen footage and it looks really good hopefully I get into the beta.

HolaTarola3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Well Mastiff, you guys have VidZone and PlayTV, a services that I would love to have over here.. also have Battle Fantasia, Dark Mist, and BD edition's of Pain, Siren, etc.. xD

And like Madden10 says, just create a US account, I'm from Mexico and like many many more of my friends over here, watch Qore every month. =)

HolaTarola3562d ago

Guys, "Mr_Controversy" doesn't have a PS3, he's a Xbox fanboy, please, don't feed the troll, just ignore him.

BTW, just check his historial of comments, rofl, this guy's hilarious..

"What's an Xbox?
Something that gets RROD's and still dominating the PS3 BBQ"

"You guys are idiots! Sony isnt' going to release a PS3 within its 3rd year! The PS3 Slim is probably just starting production but I KNOW 100% it's not probable to be released this year."

^^^^^^^ looooltz just 5 days ago xD..

"It's official.
Batman Arkham Asylum is Game of the Year!!

Sorry Uncharted 2"

^^^^ /facepalm

"Are you ****ing kidding me?
Gran Turismo has been out since 1997. Halo came out in 2001. Gran Turismo looks like an ant compared to Halo. Halo is this generation's Mario."

^^^^^^^^ Xbot confirmed.

Nitrowolf23562d ago

Mr.c i don't even think you have a ps3. and why review a beta? isn't the point of beta to get rid and fix those bugs?
i love this game, playing on my buddy ps3

Hellsvacancy3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Id admit its a bit "hold on stop wots goin on" when u 1st start playin it - well it was 4 me anyway

And 2 b honest i wasnt at all impressed with the early footage shown it had rental slapped all over it - but as ive been lucky enough (thanks Sony) 2 play it ill say its a MUST buy 4 any Fps nut

Edit. 1 thing that REALLY REALLY pisses me off is that the servers go off at 9pm (uk time) which is normally around about my gamin time so im not able 2 play it as much as i would like 2

flip-it33562d ago

How do you know this was leaked instead of being announced? I think your just making random accusations to get hits...

sonarus3562d ago

Just renewed my subscription. I need to try MAG for myself

TechWiz3561d ago

I just recieved a Beta invite today, and I don't subscribe to Qore. It's not the only way to get a invite.

NegativeCreepWA3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Looks like I'll be resubscribing. I was hoping I wouldn't need to.

I bet their just telling us about this method for now to sell Qore. Just like last year with Socom. In about a week we'll find out you can also get in by pre-order.

Mr_Controversy3561d ago

I'm an Xbot? Das very funny, lol! Judging from your comments your on the Sony Defense Force, Fanboi! ROFL.

Why don't you post my other comments against the Xbox 360 instead of my comments against the PS3?

I never said that Mag sucked, I'm just telling you it's buggy. If I see an opposing force hiding behind a wall and I see his rifle sticking through the wall, it tells me I have X-ray vision. :|

xTruthx3561d ago

Mr_Controversy u still havent given me ur psn id :(

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CaliGamer3562d ago

I'm in the beta now, interesting game to say the least. No shortage of action.

Nick2120043562d ago

I agree. I am enjoying it much more than expected/

iceman063561d ago

I am discovering the fun of the game. At first, it was chaotic and I was getting killed just about every 20 sec. However, once I leveled up and learned the controls (since there is no in game guide)I am starting to have some real fun. It's really not a whole lot like SOCOM, IMO, it is geared more toward keeping that feeling of chaotic battle. (chaotic in a good way, like some of the Killzone 2 multi levels, but MUCH larger)

chisox1003562d ago

I have a question, is this for the open beta that starts in september or is this for the closed beta that is out now? (PM me if you know)

Nick2120043562d ago

As mentioned in the article, this is for the Open Beta that begins September 17th.

Kratos_19863562d ago

i want to try this game so badly

retrofly3562d ago

If its an open beta there will be loads of ways to get beta keys, you wont have to pay any crappy subscription. I wouldn't bother.

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