Fable 3 will question the foundations on which Fable is built, says Molyneux

Hot off the announcement this morning of Fable 3 coming to Xbox 360 in 2010, Microsoft Game Studios of Europe head Peter Molyneux sat down to discuss the franchise a bit with Though the acutely over-promising developer kept tight-lipped about details on the upcoming sequel, he did let slip that Fable 3 will question "some of the foundations that Fable [the franchise] is built on."

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Stately Gentleman3763d ago

Oh great, the usual fable bullshit.

GiantEnemyCrab3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Then why even bother clicking and commenting?

Not very stately of you Sony troll.

WMW3763d ago

i wouldn't say hes trolling fable does get hyped alot and never delivers eveything promised people would be less critical of game if they stop talking about how each game will be revolutionary there good games peter molyneux makes them seem less impressive when he promises to much then doesn't deliver