Fable 3 will question the foundations on which Fable is built, says Molyneux

Hot off the announcement this morning of Fable 3 coming to Xbox 360 in 2010, Microsoft Game Studios of Europe head Peter Molyneux sat down to discuss the franchise a bit with GamesIndustry.biz. Though the acutely over-promising developer kept tight-lipped about details on the upcoming sequel, he did let slip that Fable 3 will question "some of the foundations that Fable [the franchise] is built on."

Stately Gentleman5215d ago

Oh great, the usual fable bullshit.

GiantEnemyCrab5215d ago (Edited 5215d ago )

Then why even bother clicking and commenting?

Not very stately of you Sony troll.

WMW5215d ago

i wouldn't say hes trolling fable does get hyped alot and never delivers eveything promised people would be less critical of game if they stop talking about how each game will be revolutionary there good games peter molyneux makes them seem less impressive when he promises to much then doesn't deliver


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Crows90160d ago

They gotta bring back those gargoyles!

Dudeson160d ago

I'd love to play it again, this time on pc though. Forever waiting on that pc port.

GaboonViper160d ago

Loved this game, oh and i always saved my dog at the end, hope the new Fable has a animal companion.

got_dam160d ago

Fable 2 was the best inthe series. Peter waaaaaaay over promised with fable 1 and it was good but disappointing. He didn't go crazy eith hype for the second game and it was surprisingly awesome. Then he ran his mouth promoting 3 and it was the worst of the 3.

cthulhucultist160d ago

Funny story: Fable 3 had a funny way of keeping the promises you made in the first half of the game and having enough money to defeat the darkness.

You only had to collect enough money to buy 2 stores in a busy market district. You then raise the prices to maximum and you turn xbox 360 internal clock 99 or more years ahead.

The next time you load the game, all the rents from the 99 years are collected immediately.

But yes I agree that 3 was the weakest of the three.

Demetrius159d ago

I only got to play it once 😩 I'm so tempted to buy a Xbox 360 slim but planning on getting the series x soon since I got a PS5 in February Im ready to get saints row 1&2 back, GTA 4, fable 2, but I also want to play infamous 1&2 again Sony screwed us over with the stream only for saints row 2 and other gems smh


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ColdSin1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

Microsoft announced Fable Legends at Gamescom 2013, not E3 2013. I'd like for the new Fable to have the same artstyle as Fable Legends.

Zoned1237d ago

Thanks for that. I agree, definitely like the art style, but that's it. Nobody wanted Fable Legends!

moongrim1237d ago

How about Fable II Remastered for the pc please?!

RaveTears1237d ago

I would honestly buy the Xbox series S just for Fable 2 remastered or a remake.

moongrim1237d ago

I've never played it so I'm like dying over here.

Zoned1237d ago

Fable II was probably the best of the series. It had its flaws but overall was definitely a step in the right direction. Fable III was a huge misstep in comparison

RaidenBlack1236d ago

I was disgusted with Fable III

RaidenBlack1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

Yeah ... its an odd situation ain't it?
MS released Fable 1, Fable 3 and Fable 1 Remastred for PC.
Skipping the best one in the franchise.
Same goes for Gears: GoW, GoW Remastered, Gears 4 and Gears 5 are on PC.
And Halo: The entire Halo MCC and Halo Infinite will be on PC. But no Halo 5.

Zoned1236d ago

Definitely agree but you lost me with Halo 5. That was my least favourite Halo game (out of the Halo numbered titles)

RaidenBlack1236d ago

Yea, same here. Only liked the visuals of Halo 5 (that too on an One X, it doesn't look that good on the One S)

But what I meant was, MS is releasing every Halo game on PC from 1 to Infinite, except 5. Which is a bit odd.
Coz the free Halo 5-Forge was quite popular in PC community during its release.

porkChop1236d ago

I never got to play it because I sold my 360. It should have been remastered.

The only thing I can think of is if after the release of Fable Anniversary they decided to take the series in a different direction. They might not want the new game to be associated with the older ones.

sushimama1237d ago

Well lets hope Microsoft are going to announce a new Fable. The MS fans deserve a great Fable game. If it is announced and the gameplay looks cool, this might convince me to get, at least a Series S. It would be my very first Xbox console.

Zoned1237d ago

I would definitely buy an Xbox Series X if a 'proper' Fable sequel were to be revealed!

RgR1236d ago

You mean Fable fans.
Don't have to be an MS fan to want Fable but you definitely need to be a Fable fan to want a new Fable game.

RgR1236d ago

Kicking chickens! That was fun....hope modern society doesn't ruin it for a next installment.

chiefJohn1171236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

Hell no Fable legends is NOT what we wanted.
Fable 2 is what we want outta Fable. Remake Fable 2 please.