ST TheKing is off the top spot

ST The King's reign at the top of the Gamerscore chart seems to have ended, not only has RANCE 6 overtaken his score, but we also see that a glitched version of Condemned has managed to miraculously tally up a Gamerscore of 4,920,345 for Dondums. Yes, that's over 4 million points and he has obviously glitched his way to the top.

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Caxtus7506216d ago

Is that the score that reads on his gamercard on his xbox? or a photopshopped picture? and if its his score on his xbox, what method did he use to cheat? how did he get around it? im confused :(

hydrog6216d ago

Hey Swifty, get's your facts straight m8... Read the forums over at There's a big difference between a cheater and a glitched game. His copy of condemed does it every time he plays it, not his fault... MS has confirmed. You make yourself look like a fool accusing people before researching. Dummy.

hydrog6216d ago

i voted myself as lame... lol

Wuz Ranger6216d ago (Edited 6216d ago )

This happen to me once. Although,mine had the reverse effect. I played Condemned and unlocked achievements....yet it never game me the actual gamer points. It's totally weird.


Swifty6216d ago

why in the world would I want to scoure the Xbox forums to make sure news is correct

im sorry I called him a cheater, but I cant exactly search every website in the world making sure hes not a cheater

theres thousands of posts on teh Xbox forums, and I don't visit them much anywho so there ya go....

but hey, some people take these things to heart

hydrog6216d ago

Guilty before proven innonecent is your moto eh? Scouring is hardly what i did, it took me three seconds to "un"-verfiy your story by searching for his GamerTag and getting his story. Do us all a favor, stop posting garbage and go away, no one cares anyway.

Schmitty076216d ago

This happened to that person earlier in the year because of a problem with Condemned. I remember the uproar on the forums. The guy came out and said it was a glitch with Condemned. MS eventually fixed it, but I guess it happened again.

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