ZTGameDomain: Trials HD Review


"Trials HD is perhaps the least hyped of this year's parade of arcade titles during Live's "Summer of Arcade". Proving that hype doesn't always equal quality however, Red Lynx has unleashed a fantastic addition to the lineup with their Dirt bike/physics simulator. The very definition of "Easy to play, Hard to Master", Trials tasks players with guiding their dirt bike on a 2D plane (with 3D graphics) through racetracks containing all manners of rickety platforms, exploding barrels, big jumps and (of course) plenty of fire."

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Eiffel3765d ago

Love this game. Only one more day until Shadow Complex. This will suffice my next 18 hours.

Mo0eY3765d ago

Too bad only one out of every two people will enjoy this game.

The Meerkat3765d ago

I forgot I had downloaded this. I haven't even played it yet.

Looks great.

green3765d ago

Got the full version yesterday and it is really awesome.It's pretty difficult especially when you get to the harder difficulty settings.