Xbox One Backward Compatibility New Titles: Trials HD, Sam & Max, Alan Wake’s AN & LEGO Batman

Trials HD, Sam & Max, Alan Wake’s AN & LEGO Batman are now playable on your Xbox One via BC.

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Kurisu1568d ago

What's Alan Wake AN? Is that something separate to Alan Wake? Its a game I really want to try.

holysmokesbatman1568d ago

it's a stand alone expansion.

Kurisu1568d ago

Ah ok, thanks. Well I'd rather play the main game first so hopefully that gets added to BC at some point.

Geobros1568d ago

Full title is: Alan Wake's American Nightmare

NeoGamer2321568d ago

It is essentially, an improved version of Alan Wake. Has a short, stand alone story.

Then, has an Alan Wake version of horde mode.

Both are really good, and you don't need to play the first game to enjoy American Nightmare.

3-4-51567d ago

None of these excitement. more games is good i guess though.

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Shazz1568d ago

Alan wake main game should be in there with the dlc surely

Caedus5111567d ago

It's coming, considering it's a pre-order bonus with Quantum Break it'll probably be one of next months titles.

Shazz1567d ago

Ohh that will be good then

d4rks1d31568d ago

With the Quantum Break announcement it says Alan Wake will be backwards compatible and given away for free if preordered. Hopefully that means Alan Wake is coming very soon?

annoyedgamer1568d ago

And still no Black Ops...

Angerfist1568d ago

2 more games added to my games on X1 with Trials and American Nightmare. It's still mostly just games no one asked for though. It was an earlier load if games this time tho, so perhaps there will be second drop coming soon.

LgbtWarrior1567d ago

Many people asked for Alan Wake on bc. It's popular and was very well received buddy.

Angerfist1567d ago

Yes I own the game. And Alan Wake, the full game will be added soon too. Which I also have all the dlc for. The 4 Games itself are more popular ones than before that's true

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The story is too old to be commented.