Six Batman games are now free on the Epic Games Store, Metro 2033 Redux free next week

DSOGaming writes: "Last week, we assumed that a Batman collection would be available for free on EGS. And it appears we were right. Epic Games has just announced that six Batman games are now available for free on the Epic Games Store."

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro1730d ago

Redeem before that and you can keep them forever.

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro1730d ago

You can keep them forever if you redeem them for your account before September 26.

AnubisG1730d ago

Epic Game Store bad!

Oh, free games? Nice!🤣

Petebloodyonion1730d ago

My problem with EPG is forcing ppl to buy from their store via exclusives locking.

The why is simple. EPG has yet to establish basic feature as a forum to allow players to ask questions or talk game issues.
The always-online also cause issues for the simple fact that it would mean that you lose your purchase if Epic decide to close the store.

Now I have good faith that Epic will address topics and will improve the quality of the store (for example they have now the same refund policy as Steam).

AnubisG1730d ago

Wouldn't it be nicer if you were able to just...I don't know...buy your games on a disc, bring them home and than install and play them so no company would force you to use a usless app such as a launcher? I know, crazy idea😄

PC players wanted a digital only future. Here it is in all it's glory.

Next stop, streaming services because digital only isn't screwing people over enough.😁

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rainslacker1730d ago

You can still get the free games even if you want to publicly hate EGS and their exclusives policy.

porkChop1729d ago

"The always-online also cause issues for the simple fact that it would mean that you lose your purchase if Epic decide to close the store."

You can access the app and play your games offline. I was playing BL3 yesterday when my internet was down for maintenance.

As far as losing your games if the store closes, that's true for all digital platforms.

Petebloodyonion1729d ago

It's good news to know that you can now access your games offline on the EGS apps for it wasn't always the case.
As for losing the game if Steam would close well do you know that can back up the majority of Steam games on a physical media? as long as you have your account (offline) you will be able to play them.
But I agree that more and more games demand online authentification before you can play the game.

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