Six Batman games are now free on the Epic Games Store, Metro 2033 Redux free next week

DSOGaming writes: "Last week, we assumed that a Batman collection would be available for free on EGS. And it appears we were right. Epic Games has just announced that six Batman games are now available for free on the Epic Games Store."

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awdevoftw33d ago

Free games? Pretty awesome.

crazyCoconuts33d ago

Good games too. I mean PSN gave away one of those games away last month as their monthly freebie, but here Epic is giving more away for free and every week more games. Crazy

nowitzki200433d ago

You paid for ps+ and if you stop paying you wont have access. Epic gave these 100% free

Neonridr32d ago

Epic is free, PS+ is not.

zodiac90932d ago

LOL watching N4G comment section divulge the most obvious bits of info, is hilarious.

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Parasidious32d ago

Epic store has a rotation of free games every week.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro33d ago

Redeem before that and you can keep them forever.

33d ago
Felix_Argyle_Catbro33d ago

You can keep them forever if you redeem them for your account before September 26.

AnubisG33d ago

Epic Game Store bad!

Oh, free games? Nice!🤣

Petebloodyonion33d ago

My problem with EPG is forcing ppl to buy from their store via exclusives locking.

The why is simple. EPG has yet to establish basic feature as a forum to allow players to ask questions or talk game issues.
The always-online also cause issues for the simple fact that it would mean that you lose your purchase if Epic decide to close the store.

Now I have good faith that Epic will address topics and will improve the quality of the store (for example they have now the same refund policy as Steam).

AnubisG33d ago

Wouldn't it be nicer if you were able to just...I don't your games on a disc, bring them home and than install and play them so no company would force you to use a usless app such as a launcher? I know, crazy idea😄

PC players wanted a digital only future. Here it is in all it's glory.

Next stop, streaming services because digital only isn't screwing people over enough.😁

33d ago
rainslacker33d ago

You can still get the free games even if you want to publicly hate EGS and their exclusives policy.

porkChop32d ago

"The always-online also cause issues for the simple fact that it would mean that you lose your purchase if Epic decide to close the store."

You can access the app and play your games offline. I was playing BL3 yesterday when my internet was down for maintenance.

As far as losing your games if the store closes, that's true for all digital platforms.

Petebloodyonion32d ago

It's good news to know that you can now access your games offline on the EGS apps for it wasn't always the case.
As for losing the game if Steam would close well do you know that can back up the majority of Steam games on a physical media? as long as you have your account (offline) you will be able to play them.
But I agree that more and more games demand online authentification before you can play the game.

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Zabatsu233d ago

No thanks. I'd rather pirate than use Epic Store. Hope they run out of money.

Kados33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

The free handouts on EGS are done solely by Epic, not the developer of the game. Epic still has to pay the dev their cut of the normal retail cost, out of pocket. By using the EGS just for the free stuff, you are actually taking money from Epic.

Zabatsu233d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I think I stated it quite clearly. I hope Epic runs out of money and I won't help make their franchise more lucrative by giving them numbers they can put their back on.

In business, it's all about the numbers.

rainslacker33d ago

I don't think they're paying per copy downloaded. It's probably more like how PS+ or GWG works, where they pay a flat fee to be able to offer it free for however long they agree to.

Jon_Targaryen33d ago

You'd rather steal from developers than download a game for free which has already been paid for? You're whats wrong with gaming!

Profchaos33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Theres always one

nowitzki200433d ago

There used to be always that one, nowadays its "there's always the few"

PlatinumKing198233d ago

Pc nerds really baffle me. I mean it’s so hard just to click on a different icon to start a game isn’t it .

nowitzki200433d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Not all pc gamers hate it. I have all the launchers and dont care. I just prefer steam. It offers so much more to the games that other launchers don't.

Neonridr32d ago

@nowitzki2004 - I prefer Steam too, but in a day where we have a launcher, a Uplay launcher, EA, Epic, soon to be Rockstar.. it's just the norm. Sure I wish Epic was more on par with Steam. But Steam launched like 15+ years ago, it's had a little more time to grow.

It's the way of the future I guess.

Reefskye32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Really baffles me how you pay to access your internet on consoles, point is there a difference between being forced and being able to choose, PS+ XBOX Live and Epics Exclusives are all Forced. I used Epics launcher once for Unreal Tournament but for the same reasons Games for Windows live i refuse to use a service that is subpar compared to any other launcher because Epic paid money to force people to buy games from them, not actually be innovative and give people a reason to use their service, PC gamers killed games for windows live because they didn't just pay for something that was forced up on us, because why should we pay for access our own connection to the internet just because Microsoft or Sony say so.

I'm glad games for windows live died when it did because judging by today's standards a lot of people would accept it on PC these days. Everyone has to hold some banner for a company because they rival another company people seemed to love getting screwed over so they can have 1 up on their presumed rivals, rather than actually telling companies to get lost when they do stuff that benefits none of us except them

Enate32d ago

A growing fragmenting experience is not hard to understand. I have games in so many different places that I've purchased a game on one platform and forgot I've had it on another I don't particularly use. Some of the platforms are so obscure and pointless that outside of that one game I may not ever use it. Further fragmenting my friends list, games and achievements etc, if the platform even has them to begin with.

There is always the it's just this mentality until it's split so badly you can't see straight. As someone who has been gaming on PC and console since before the 2000's. I am fully aware of how both have evolved over time and things I like an dislike in both. An the absolute biggest issue for me on PC is the fragmentation of what was headed to a borderline cohesive ecosystem. Until EA did origin completely separate from steam and then the flood gates opened. An now every company all of a sudden needs their own launcher. Which vary in DRM schemes that can end up collecting user data without telling you. Which has already happened with the Epic store but they got caught. As well as some of them using protection software that can hinder PC performance even while not running or after being uninstalled. Which has been reported multiple times happening with the popular DRM software Denuvo.

So yea it may seem arbitrary for some people. However for many people there are a number of reasons why it clearly isn't "just another click"

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nowitzki200432d ago

"Hope they run out of money".... How old are you? lol

nucky6432d ago

do you really expect people to believe you selectively pirate games? of course not - if you steal one game, you steal them all. and since you do nothing to help the game economy and keep gaming going - you don't matter.
and btw - you aren't bringing epic down - how can a thief be so naive?

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