Which of the Xbox Backwards Compatibility Super Sale bargains should you pick up?

Carlos writes "Backwards compatibility may not be everyone’s favourite feature on Xbox One, but there’s no denying that Xbox made a lot of fans happy with the announcement of Backwards Compatible games back at E3 2015. Since that point hundreds of games have arrived with a fresh breath of life on Xbox One.

Now though many of those classic titles are on sale with the Xbox Backwards Compatibility Super Sale running between 16th-22nd May 2017. But which ones are worth their asking price?"

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cfc832091d ago

Dragon age and southpark.

mark_parch2091d ago

orange box is the bargain of the century

Legion212091d ago

I finally picked up, I would rather play the games on PC but this is good enough

xsta1ker2091d ago

i don't see orange box listed in this backwards super sale

mark_parch2089d ago

for some reason you have to buy it on an actual 360 or go to the xbox store website

hiawa232091d ago

I ordered:
Dark Void
Feeding Frenzy 1 & 2
Ghost Busters Sanctum
Earthworm Jim HD
Jurassic Park
Shadows of The Damned
Rtype Dimension

Bigpappy2091d ago

Feeding frenzy is so easy to pickup an play. Perfect for people who never even played a video games and never used a controller. I play if when I don't feel like being bothered. Or if I have a child to entertain. Fun with my lady and she doesn't really play on a controller.

hanko142091d ago

cod blops 2 is the biggest ripped ever

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