Madden 10 - PS3Addiction Review writes:

"Every year, Electronic Arts releases a series of sports titles, from soccer to hockey, baseball to football. Every year, EA promises ground breaking revisions that will change the way we play and every year, we feel even more let down than the last. Now don't get me wrong, Madden is a strong franchise that offers some amazingly fun multiplayer and some great NFL style moments, but since they locked up the NFL franchise some 7 years ago, I can't help to feel like we receive jaded copies of what could have been a great game. When there is no competition to keep a series fresh, any old junk seems terrific and whether we like it or not, our hard earned dollars are spent on mediocre junk simply because it's all that's available and we need our sports fix.

So is Madden 10 any different? Have the changes made to the game, other than rosters made any significant impact on the quality of the title from years past? Let's find out here in our official review."

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