( Super Bowl XLV Special - My 5 Favorite Sports Video Games

In honor of Super Bowl XLV, I list the 5 sports video games that I have liked the most in my video game life time. From old school classics like Tecmo Bowl to newer gems like Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, there is a nice blend of games here up for debate.

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donscrillinger3832d ago

wtf yo,your top 5 games suck fight night 4 for real .where is espn nfl 2k5 ,nba 2k .joe montana sports talk football ..

Gran Touring3832d ago

Madden has and always will be behind the superior NFL 2k series. Just gotta get that out the way.

My top 5 sports games:

1. NFL 2k1
2. NBA 2k2
3. NFL 2k
4. NFL Blitz 2000
5. Virtua Tennis 1

badboy8083832d ago

2.Live 2010
4.Madden 09
5.NBA Street

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3832d ago

lololololololololololololololo lolololololololollololololololo lolololololol

SSKILLZ3832d ago

O_O I mean go packers !

Too_many_games3832d ago

1-NASCAR 2005
2-NFL 2K1
3-WWE No Mercy
4-NASCAR 2009
5-NASCAR Thunder 2004

starcb263832d ago

WWE No Mercy is a sports game?

Arcee3832d ago

I would consider it a sports game. It is sports entertainment after all.

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