The Worst DLC of this Generation

"Downloadable Content is supposed to enhance a game after it's conclusion, expand the multiplayer or add new features to promote extended play. The problem is for every masterpiece of DLC like The Lost and Damned, a Grand Theft Auto IV expansion, there are just as many duds or cash ins. You may have your own list but here at GamePlayToday is our list for the worst DLC this."

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BeaRye4287d ago

That beautiful Katamari DLC was the worst. It was, as far as I think, worse than even the way EA bends people over.

But it all comes down to whether people are dumb enough to pay.

kennykramer4287d ago

Why is it that anytime someone doesn't like a certain release of DLC, people are "dumb" for buying it? Is it at all possible that the DLC sells because there are actually people out there who want it?

Sometimes it's as simple as unlocking stuff in the game. What's the difference from people buying GameShark or CDX back in the day to unlock stuff?

Cenobia4287d ago

I only disagree with you on the "unlocking stuff" part.

Devs could easily program a cheat code in...but they don't do that anymore.

kennykramer4287d ago

There are a lot of games with cheats this gen. Multiple games I buy have "cheats" or "codes" right in the menu. They just disable trophies and achievements on my PS3 and 360. There's ntohing to disable on my Wii, so I put in cheats on that all the time.

Cenobia4287d ago


Yeah, but what I'm saying is the devs could easily program a cheat code for those who 'don't have time to unlock characters'. That way the people that don't have time can unlock everything right away (even if you have to punch the code in every time the game boots).

This gen many developers have removed codes like that, and instead you basically pay for the code through DLC. It is stupid and should not be allowed to happen. They can spin it like they want, but it is just greedy.

If you want to play with all Street Fighter characters (or whatever) right away, then the dev just has to program in a cheat code. It is a no brainer for all fighting games. People that don't want to earn characters get them right away (although I'd make them enter the code at every boot and disable it for online play).

If they want to play online with the characters, then I guess they could make the customer purchase them, but how long are these people gonna last online if they don't want to play the game to unlock people?

Kon4287d ago (Edited 4287d ago )

Horse armor in Oblivion.Period.

tweet754287d ago

wouldnt it be the worst DLC ever? This is the first generation to allow DLC.

kennykramer4287d ago

Dreamcast was last gen. History lesson complete.

Amplitude4287d ago

Either way you say it, it still works. xD

Plus, the PC had DLC before. Just saying. :E

Thrillhouse4287d ago

The original Xbox had DLC, too.

plb4287d ago

I wish more devs were like Valve these DLC (Steam anyway)

OtherWhiteMeat4287d ago

Epic also.....Unreal Tournament had tons of free stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.