MotorStorm Sells Over 3.5 Million

Motorstorm, developed by Evolution studios, is one of Sony's biggest new IPs and has sold over 3.5 million units worldwide.

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a_squirrel5153d ago

This is the game that made me get back into racing games :D

Simon_Brezhnev5153d ago (Edited 5153d ago )

Like most Sony exclusives have extremely long legs. Watch the 360 fanboys spin it and be like it was bundled.

JustinSaneV25153d ago

They got their info from the company's "About Us" section which has info that has been around for a year. The figure is probably a tad outdated.


eagle215153d ago

MotorStorm not only has sold extremely well, but won Best Racing Game for 2007 at the AIAS awards. Beating Forza 2 and Project Gotham. LOL

PS3 owns yet again. :)

pppppeach5153d ago (Edited 5153d ago )

"Watch the 360 fanboys spin it and be like it was bundled." dude... it was bundled... the game sold around 500k without the bundle... after 3 year bundle it got to 3,5million wich we do not know for sure yet rofl.

PS3 fanboys(99% of users on n4g) spin every post on n4g and say 360 people spin anything in here lmao.

cmrbe5153d ago

for an off-road racer. This is berpahs the highest selling off-road racer.

RememberThe3575153d ago (Edited 5153d ago )

And why the hell hasn't Pacific rift sold as well? I didn't like Motorstorm but selling 3 and a half million copies is damn good.

Oh and BTW, I just got back from a 5 day stint in the Open Zone, so please, PLEASE, can we keep the pathetic fanboy sh*t over there.

Aquanox5153d ago

I'm having a hard time believing Motorstorm sold better than any other PS3 exclusive except from MGS4. This has to be including bundles.

If not, well, then it's a very weird case in which the first title had very long legs and the sequel didn't do nearly as good as the first.

SevWolf5153d ago

@ ppppeach: And you care it flops cause? Like Uncharted, it was a NEW IP released at a wrong time( 07 with the hype around Halo 3 ruling everything) yet they were both quality and went on to sell very well in the long run, with a bundle or not, the Devs still earned it......"PS3 fanboys(99% of users on n4g)" well..Im no fanboy but if you hate that "fact" then leave the site, its not like "99%" of the users are gonna change over night

PrimordialSoupBase5153d ago

Being bundled with a console helps... a lot.

Its sequel didn't sell nearly as well.

calis5153d ago

"If not, well, then it's a very weird case in which the first title had very long legs and the sequel didn't do nearly as good as the first."

Pacific Rift hasn't finished selling, the point of long legs is it sells over time, eventually PR could reach close to the original numbers.

FamilyGuy5153d ago

I liked the first one MUCH more than the second. 1 major reason being that it was my first "next gen" game. It wasn't perfect, I was pissed about it not having local multi-player but in Pacific Rift I don't like the local multi-player because it's hard to see where you're going if you're unfamiliar with the tracks (friends and family couldn't play with me cause they got stuck or lost too often to compete).

Being bundled definitely helped it sale that many but it was still a great game.

My only REAL gripe would be the way they programmed the AI to always be competitive. You could be taking every shortcut and making 0 mistakes but the cars would ALWAYS pop in behind you to keep the race difficult. You mess up near the race end and you're screwed.

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remanutd555154d ago

LUNATICS UNITE!!!!!!! my favorite racing game this generation so far , of course im waiting patiently to play Gran Turismo 5 but still sony has created a new franchise loved by many ( me included )

Saaking5154d ago

And Flopza wants to beat GT5, yeah right!

JustinSaneV25154d ago

Tell me how exactly that statement is relevant to the story at hand.

Strange_Evil5154d ago

@Justin... Just like 360 fanboys bring up Killzone 2 in every Halo article.. Oh I see it's only relevant when 360 fanboys do it right?

Besides, it will be interesting if Forza 3 beats Forza 2 sales without bundling it with the 360....

If Sony bundles a PS3 SLIM with GT5 for 299$, then I am buying a new one at the mid-night launch.. Hope it happens...

On topic: Really great to see Motostorm performing well... Awesome game. Congratz....

TheMART5153d ago

@ Evil

Wut? Strange. The PS3 fandroids bring KZ2 up in every Halo article. Even worse, they bring up KZ2 in every 360 game article, as they have nothing else to play and talk about.

ToastyMcNibbles5153d ago

mart you mean the same way all 360 fanboys only mention halo 3? i mean by god you guys are bragging about a holiday lineup that includes a glorified expansion for a 2 year old game! talk about having nothing else to play...sheesh!

FlipMode5153d ago

your very wrong

in that article about halo topping

10 mil killzone 2

was mentioned by the xbros about a

hundred times

The Killer5153d ago

so stop lying mart, liars will get punished in hell(it doesnt matter if u believe in god or hell or not u will still get their)

ps3 fans talk about

God of war 3
uncharted 2
valkiry chronicles
heavy rain
and much more

so stop the crap mart
its mostly xrats talk about halo and gears all the time like they have nothing else to play!!!

5153d ago
5153d ago
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ultimolu5154d ago

B-But 1st party exclusives don't sell! -_-

Congratulations Motorstorm.

Natsu X FairyTail5154d ago

3.5 for Motostorm is not that good For a 1st party title.

Just look @ games like MGS4 who is @ 5million and Gears of War 2 who Sold 3Millions in 1 Month.

kewlkat0075154d ago

then complain about others hehe...This game was bundled, it should be more.

ToastyMcNibbles5154d ago (Edited 5154d ago )

heres the difference though natsu... microsoft advertises gears to the heavens above as if it were god's gift to gaming... sony only shows one tv ad a day before launch lol

Omega45154d ago

"1st party exclusives don't sell"

You got that right, seems like Sony needs to bundle more of them if they ever want 2 reach impressive numbers, especially since this is for the ENTIRE franchise

Natsu X FairyTail5154d ago (Edited 5154d ago )


What you said is half true and might Apply to some PSgames


Motostorm might be THE or one of the games that was actually the most Advertised on the PS3.

remember back in the days when the game was just out
@ the time when the ps3 just launched?