Xbox 360 Pro Evo 6 to make public appearance in August

Konami is to showcase its upcoming Xbox 360 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 at the Leipzig Games Convention.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 would have been one of the biggest games of the year had it only be scheduled to arrive on the usual systems, but this year it will make its Xbox 360 debut, furthering excitement for the game. The next-gen version of the game will be premiered at the Leipzig Games Convention, due to open its doors to the public on August 23. Further Konami titles will also be on display for current and next-gen systems.

DC RID3R6173d ago

just what i've been waiting for!!! can't wait!!

kingboy6173d ago (Edited 6173d ago )

one of my most played game ever can`t wait to see how it`s gonna look on next gen graphics

RBlaze6173d ago

This is gonna sound reeli silly to the people who know the answer to this, but is this game a 360 exclusive? Or more of a port?

YoJ1Mbo6172d ago

sweet, never bought or played a soccer game, but i've always wanted to...maybe this one!

how do you think this one would compare to winning eleven? i've always heard its the best soccer game ever.

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