The Rise and Fail of Pro Evo

A feature from PEOWW about Konami's ISS/Pro Evo games and how the once-dominant series has gone from gaming nirvana to tedious irrelevance.

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JDW4591d ago

Pro Evo made the mistake of perfecting gameplay early in the series.

The reason it hasn't advanced is because it is already a great game of football.

On the other hand, FIFA improves every year because it was absolutely terrible to begin with.

peacesquid4591d ago

kind of true...

the only prob is that anyone with a hint of ambition could have figured out how to improve PES. instead they just added glitches and faults and then repaired them the next year.


jromao4588d ago

This so called reviewer "Rich" is a 100% idiot, unfortunately internet allows anyone to spread words like this:

".... I simply cannot put any more money in Seabass's pocket. The man is a hack, a con-artist and a failure. He's taken arguably the best football gaming series ever and destroyed it....

no comments.

If anyone interested in honest and clear reviews about PES and even FIFA should read it from

Skyyo4590d ago

rented fifa 09 and after one week i was absolutely happy that i only rented it.

Both games have there flaws and perks.

FIFA was very very polished and pretty, but after scoring the same exact goal over and over and over and over again i was bored. QUICK

Havent played enough of PES 09 to say for sure how good it is so i will just say FIFA 09 wasnt all that...

peacesquid4519d ago

"If anyone interested in honest and clear reviews about PES and even FIFA should read it from"

yeah that'll be honest and unbiased won't it.

it's you, the fanboys, that are to blame. Instead of saying 'OMG BEST GAME EVER' each year you should be saying 'yeah, now add this'. But you don't want to hurt Seabass' feelings.