The Rise and Fail of Pro Evo

A feature from PEOWW about Konami's ISS/Pro Evo games and how the once-dominant series has gone from gaming nirvana to tedious irrelevance.

JDW5666d ago

Pro Evo made the mistake of perfecting gameplay early in the series.

The reason it hasn't advanced is because it is already a great game of football.

On the other hand, FIFA improves every year because it was absolutely terrible to begin with.

peacesquid5666d ago

kind of true...

the only prob is that anyone with a hint of ambition could have figured out how to improve PES. instead they just added glitches and faults and then repaired them the next year.


jromao5663d ago

This so called reviewer "Rich" is a 100% idiot, unfortunately internet allows anyone to spread words like this:

".... I simply cannot put any more money in Seabass's pocket. The man is a hack, a con-artist and a failure. He's taken arguably the best football gaming series ever and destroyed it....

no comments.

If anyone interested in honest and clear reviews about PES and even FIFA should read it from www.pesgaming.com

Skyyo5666d ago

rented fifa 09 and after one week i was absolutely happy that i only rented it.

Both games have there flaws and perks.

FIFA was very very polished and pretty, but after scoring the same exact goal over and over and over and over again i was bored. QUICK

Havent played enough of PES 09 to say for sure how good it is so i will just say FIFA 09 wasnt all that...

peacesquid5594d ago

"If anyone interested in honest and clear reviews about PES and even FIFA should read it from www.pesgaming.com"

yeah that'll be honest and unbiased won't it.

it's you, the fanboys, that are to blame. Instead of saying 'OMG BEST GAME EVER' each year you should be saying 'yeah, now add this'. But you don't want to hurt Seabass' feelings.


Goodbye Youth - The End Of The PS2.

This Is My Joystick NEW Celebrity Games Columnist OJ Borg Laments The Death Of The PS2.

The power of the PS2 was the social aspect; that dragged Gamers in. Nowadays we don’t need to see, smell or entertain our friends as we have Xbox Live and the shabby PS3 online thing, but back then, we used to have to be in the same room to play these games. This wasn’t a new thing, but the games just made it all-encompassing.

Games like Tekken Tag Tournament were great for a night of lazy boozing and gaming. Track and Field with a Multi-Tap was where we would give different names to the competition, depending on who was there (“AAA” if it was the poorer player’s, right up to an Olympics once every four weeks). We even had a little drugs scandal, when we decided to ban the use of socks on fingers to help mash the buttons.

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Jek_Porkins4150d ago

The PS2 was a once in a lifetime machine, but honestly I hadn't seen a new one available here in the states in almost 5 years. The news that they have ceased production worldwide is basically symbolic.


Classic PES For PSN/XBLA?

WENB writes: "What Konami are doing however is asking the question on their facebook page as to which classic Konami title from the past gamers would like to see on both PSN or XBLA. I figured that with so many saying they would love a remaster of a PES5..."

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Nate-Dog4697d ago

I'm not really sure how it'd work but man I love the idea.

Yi-Long4697d ago

... which is still their best PES game. Brilliant game. I remember scoring screamers from free-kicks with PSV's Alex. He has such a hard shot. :)

mastiffchild4696d ago

As a Chelsea fan who's had the honour of sitting directly in line with a couple of real life Alex free kick blasts I can concur that Konami did , indeed, get that part of his career bang on in PES5! If anything the bugger hit's em even harder these days!

Yi-Long4696d ago

... and is a great defender as well. One of the best there ever played in the Dutch Eredivisie, but sadly he isn't getting as much playing time at Chelsea. Would have been nice if Hiddink would have joined Chelsea :)

I'm surprised one of the other clubs haven't made a move for him (Alex) yet.

KAEM74696d ago

bringing back pes5 or 6 is awesome, i do think pes 6 is the better one, people just have a better/ more fond memory of 5 because the leap from 4 to 5 was huge

Yi-Long4696d ago

... cause on the 360 it didn't have replays(!)

I believe the PS2 version did, but I didn't have a PS2...


Top 10 Gaming Characters You Would Love To Kick Up The Arse

Shadowlocked - It's a rare event, but every once in a while a videogame gives us a character that, whether immediately or over time, we come to loathe. But just who are the worst offenders?...

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zeal0us4799d ago

50 cent need to stick to music bc video games isn't his best genre

I would rather kick bowser b4 princess preach, my god its the same thing with that guy. Always taking some1 else's woman but can't find his own....w8 where them children of his come from. I know bowser can't asexual(basically mean have kids without the need of another person) reproduce. There are more annoying character the Sonic series than tails. Scotty's finishing move, "The Worm" lol I remember that.

hazelamy4799d ago

the thing is with scotty, and the worm, yeah the move, when you look at it objectively, is ridiculous, but what it did have was that the crowds at the shows absolutely loved it.
and you know why? audience participation, that's why he kept that ridiculous move for so long.

when you watch it on tv or in a game, then it is just kinda ridiculous, but tfor the live crowd, it's their chance to be involved.

hazelamy4799d ago

i'd vote for kratos, seriously, the most one note character in all of gaming, maybe a close second to gordon freeman.

of course i'd have to run away very fast afterwards because that guy's a frikkin psycho.

Quagmire4799d ago

I would love to kick Kratos up the ass, what a douschebag.

Master of Unlocking4798d ago

I fully agree on that 50 cent guy being No1. I can't stand that guy, sorry. Neither in agame nor in reality. :(