World Cup Madness: North American Soccer Games Data

With the current World Cup coverage all around the world, CoffeewithGames takes a look at the play-time data for some Wii soccer(or football) games.

CwG says about FIFA Soccer 10, "FIFA Soccer 10 was released on October 20, 2009, and the data was collected approximately 252 days after it released."
In another section CwG says, "FIFA Soccer 10 has 7,698 players reporting data."

CwG also shows the data for Mario Strikers Charged, Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, and FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play.

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CoffeewithChess3946d ago

any of the games shown? If so, would you recommend them to others?

I have played Mario Strikers Charged and thought it was a lot of fun, reminded me A LOT of NHL Hitz.

Also, anybody that keeps up with soccer(or football) know if there is a "favored" team to win the World Cup out of the teams that are still in it?