New Tekken 6 Scans

New scans of Tekken 6 for PS3.

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kingofps34194d ago

Seeing zero improvements in the series.

peksi4193d ago

More realistic approach would fit my taste. I'd like to see real physics applied to punches, kicks and body behavior. A fist should really collide with the jaw and the receiving head / whole body should react to that.

Instead I've seen so far kicks fly "thru" opponents resulting to a health bar decrease, fighters move like puppets and do combos in 0.1 seconds. But it's always a matter of taste?

specialguest4193d ago

I don't know, but for some reason, the ditered magazine scan makes the graphics appear slightly better than the smooth clean look.

ITR4193d ago

Umm this is just Tekken 5 in the arcades. (well it sure looks like it)

I bet we'll see Tekken 6 in the arcades using a PS3 inside.

I see a repeat of the DDR machines with PS2's in them.

It's better to upgrade an old machine then buy another from Namco for the price of a new VW or STi.

jboogie814193d ago

Wow, they're going to re-release Tekken 5 on PS3? Cuz that's what it looks just like

The Karate Kid4193d ago

Who cares about Tekken when u have this!!!!!!!!!!!

Team Ninja believes 360 discs are too small

----------------------------- ------------------------------- --------------------
posted 8:55am EST Thu Jul 07 2005 - submitted by Matthew

The head of Team Ninja, Tomonobu Itagaki, has voiced concerns over Microsoft's choice of a standard DVD for its new Xbox 360 consoles. He believes that 9 GB of storage may not be enough for games sporting high-definition video footage. As an example, he used the Dead or Alive 4 video footage from E3, which equates to 2 GB if rendered in HD format. This leaves 7 GB of storage for the game--that's fine, but he then points out that Japanese developers in certain genres tend to use a lot of video footage (e.g., RPGs), meaning they could soon fill up the disc. He also stated that DOA4 will be using the full disc when released. Although I agree that this is a concern, gamers are used to games shipping on multiple discs, and it shouldn't cause a problem. The equivalent game on the PS3 would probably fit on a single disc, however, as it will use the Blu-Ray format. The only potential advantage is a cost-saving in production, with a game released on both PS3 and Xbox 360 probably costing less to manufacture for the PS3 if it is a large one. Thanks to Prodigious Gaming for the heads-up.

techie4193d ago

Are you serious? Tekken is the best series.

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