SOCOM Confrontation bigger than Killzone 2, Resistance 2 says Sony producer

What's the biggest online game on the PS3? No, it's not Killzone 2. No, it's not even Resistance 2. According to SCEA senior producer Mark Rogers, SOCOM Confrontation stands above both of Sony's high-profile first-party FPS offerings by having the most simultaneous online connections on the PlayStation Network. He attributes Confrontation's success to the community's commitment to the franchise. Whereas other gamers may play an online game for a few weeks and move on, SOCOM fans have proven to be far more dedicated (despite the game's ... troubled launch).

Stryfeno25437d ago (Edited 5437d ago )

Do people still play Killzone 2? I thought people just brought the game to pop it in from time to time on their PS3 to reinsure them of their $400 purchase.

raztad5437d ago

Hey Patch

Yeah some people out there still play KZ2, well "at least" we got KZ2, but I'm wondering what have been playing the other box fans the WHOLE year?

PirateThom5437d ago

I thought games were the point of a console and to ensure you it's not just a Netflix streaming and Facebook device. Microsoft should takes notes from Sony and make games.

Pennywise5437d ago

You should twitter your highly intelligent thoughts through your XBL account.

Gue15437d ago

I still play the first Resistance. =)

PotNoodle5437d ago

I still play it, along with Socom. I don't play much call of duty anymore and i don't really like Resistance 2.

Man_of_the_year5437d ago (Edited 5437d ago )

Well since the 360 has a game attach rate of around 7 - 8.1!!! http://kotaku.com/349058/mi... / http://www.gamasutra.com/vi... and the PS3 has an attach rate of around 5.3, and that the 360 has over 300 more games, i would conclude that it is the PS3 that has no games, or atleast nobody is buying any and or playing them....interesting.

Just the facts Sony Fanboys, just the facts.

Now ofcourse there are plenty of games played on both systems and some franchises will have a larger following than others. Socom has a HUGE following as it has established its reputation and rightfully so. Just like on the 360 Halo 3 is still the most played game, followed by COD4 then COD5.

What i would still like to see is a list of most played games on the PSN to see exactly what people are playing. Like what MS shows on a monthly basis.

IcyJoker1875437d ago

those articles are from early 2008! lol are you serious!


there ya go thats from THIS year

Veneno5437d ago

You totally pwnd gay of the year!

cyborg69715437d ago (Edited 5437d ago )

Man of the year is just a troll in disguise. His true intentions always shine through when you tear the crap off his long winded love hearing my own voice posts. Just the facts man just the facts how about the fact icy just b!tch slapped you with another man's bag.

fuckoffodion5437d ago

I guess you were just PAWNED!

Don't mind the moron MOY, he's only second to Muderdolls.

Man_of_the_year5437d ago (Edited 5437d ago )

Veneno, cyborg6971, booyah007

Typical Sony Fanboy idiots who don't READ

Right from the Link IcyJoker187 provided.

QUOTE "According to recent Sony comments to Gamasutra, the PS3 has a higher attach rate than the Xbox 360 when it comes to multiplatform titles." So because Sony says its so then it MUST BE TRUE? This article is based on a quote from Sony. Can you pick a more biased source to base your opinion on? There are absolutely NO attach rate numbers in the article as well...So what are the attach rates huh you stupid morons.

The only Game they actually mention is SFVI. LOL so 1 game huh. out of the hundreds of others. Stupid Sony fanboys getting dumber and dumber by the day.

You stupid Fvcks just owned yourselves for agreeing with IcyJoker187 and not even reading the link that he provided. Droidism at its best. Thanks guys

cyborg69715437d ago

Why do you only have 2 bubbles o wait you can't answer that.

Pennywise5437d ago

MOTY - You want a tissue? I think a maxi pad would be more appropriate.

The_Beast5437d ago

LMAO i love when xbots jump right to sales. its like the 3shitty didnt have a 1 year headstart and thats why there are more systems. even though the ps3 is selling better in its time period then the 360

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morganfell5437d ago

Definitely a tight game after all of the TLC it has been given. Some of the most fun I have ever had in an online game ever.

I still cannot fathom why strabgers work together and communicate in this game so well versus other online titles where no one botehrs to even speak.

joydestroy5437d ago

yeah some people give this game so much hate, but i love it.

Chubear5437d ago

after all the FUD, after all the hate, after all the "SOCOM iz teh flopz" articles and forum comments and after all the launch problems, this game is still pumping hard online.

uhm, interesting. Maybe editorial reviewers and naysayers need to try harder next time.

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jwatt5437d ago

Yea Some how Socom has something in common with Halo. People may talk about it all they want but if it's the most played game online what does that tell you?

Gamertags5437d ago

1. COD 4
2. COD 5
3. RE 2
5. Killzone 2

If you are a gamer with both systems, you would pick up COD 4 and 5 for the 360. Graphics are a bit better and smoother. Online is more polished, easier to get into and so on.

Resistance 2 has some good online and can be fun as heck!

Socom, is a game I have touched in a while. Going to fire it up now to check out the new stuff.

Killzone 2 was given more credit than it really deserves. A good game of course but not even close to being in the top of online gaming. Online ran thin quickly with this one.

Just a note, Modern Warfare 2 looks incredible! Everyone knows how good COD4 was, this one is going to be even better.

raztad5437d ago

OWNED was really owned.

Socom being bigger than KZ2 and R2 talks very well about PS3 fanbase. Socom is a highly tactical shooter, it needs mature gamers, not whining kids roaming around with a granade launcher as in some highly popular games out there.

Chubear5437d ago (Edited 5437d ago )

I think it's because of the way they structured what success is with SOCOM.

On SOCOM, getting even 5 kills in a round is considered crazy fire power where as FPS online 5 kills is weak and you need to have upward of 20kills per match to feel effective.

So, with SOCOM, at the end of a game, even if you get 16 kills and lose you don't feel happy about it cause you still feel the other team pwned you and your team. With FPSs like CoD no one gives a rats butt about lossing if they got 40kills and 1,000XP. That just means they're closer to their next badge and dont' really give a damn about the team they're playing with.

In FPS people mainly look at # of Kills when looking up other's stats. In SOCOM it's primarily W/L ratio first b4 any other thing and even when looking at kills SOCOMers mainly look at hit% rather than than #of kills per say.

Maddens Raiders5437d ago

on another note, I wonder how many online-ers play WarHawk on a daily/weekly basis?

PS online community is pretty robust and vastly underestimated imho.

Gun_Senshi5437d ago

If you are a real gamer you would pick COD 4 and 5 and upcoming MW2 on PC. Not only graphics are way better, but free maps + more support + better controls + More people + mods + Actual server list + tournaments etc