Killzone 2 Online Multiplayer Servers Have Been Unofficially Resurrected

A group of dedicated fans have seemingly restored online functionality to Guerilla Games' 2009 title, Killzone 2 online multiplayer this 2021.

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KicksnSnares509d ago

Killzone 2 multiplayer will never be surpassed

lodossrage509d ago

killzone 2 multiplayer is a perfect example of people not knowing what they had until it was gone.

I remember the complaints vividly. "the game feels too heavy", "it should be more like COD" etc. Well they gave them what they wanted with KZ3, made it more like COD. And then the complaints were "I liked how KZ2 was".

Sometimes (not all the time), it doesn't pay to listen to the fans. Because even when you give them what they want, they still complain

Nitrowolf2509d ago

not only the general core feel, but just in general how feature pack the Mp was

Clan system, leaderboards, ect

You don’t get that nowadays

Sonic-and-Crash509d ago

KZ2 and MGO from MGS4 were really supremely well made , equal to original Counter Strike ....the plague of COD though didnt let them shine

Profchaos509d ago

Yeah I'd point to comments like that being Echo chambers people who are satisfied with something don't have a inclination to speak out so the game in its original state would have been great but the changes drive the players who were happy with the state of kz2 to complain when 3 dropped.

Probably the biggest example of this was the launch of the X1 many people hated the online activations and used game policy being tied to a cd key etc so it went away followed by many people saying they preferred the original vision for game swapping digitally and other things neither side is right or wrong it's just that corporations will go to damage control to appease the outcry initially

FanboysKiller509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

They are just faking and showing up for no logical reason like writing critical reviews and I know the review system is flawed with holes and your point is one of them , cause many gamers don't represent them actually. "And I really hate them when they find nothing to complain they label it as an ol gray dark brown trend from the 90s with a large slow extension accent ".

Dirty_Lemons509d ago

You can make some of the people happy all of the time, all of the people happy some of the time, but you can't make all of the people happy all of the time.

nix508d ago

I never liked fps or multi player game but kz2 was awesome. Spent countless nights playing MP. Still vividly remember holding a post as the enemies charged towards us. My God! Will never forget this game. The game's design gave it a different post apocalyptic vibe.

Seraphim508d ago

shit, I don't play MP games hardly ever yet one of the very few I have was KZ2 and I played the SHI!T out of it.

DarXyde508d ago

The funny thing about Killzone 2...

I don't like FPS games. Just don't. Gave This one a go, and the single player was eh for me. But the multiplayer? I actually really enjoyed this game online. To be clear, last game I really enjoyed online before that was Warhawk.

I'd love it if both games were revived.

WiiU-Dude507d ago

Amen. Sadly you can't ever please everyone. And people LOVE to complain. This maybe sounds like lala land, but it would be so nice if people tried to find the good in things instead of complaining most of the time.

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excaliburps509d ago

I think GG should revive the franchise now. I mean, it's been long enough, and I'm sure the new game engine they have will be more than enough to run it, and such.

Killzone MP had a lot of variety. What I wasn't a fan of was the "heavy" feeling. It was a bit too much.

Livingthedream509d ago

I remember picking up shadow fall, and the community was dead within months. I loved KZ2 definitely top of the line, I was all over that and Gears at the time. Too bad, it didn't last :(

kneon508d ago

I liked the heavy feel, it's more realistic than most games where guns are essentially weightless

1Victor509d ago

@Kicks sorry to rain in your parade but it was surpassed by Warhawk and Starhawk

porkChop509d ago

My guy, those were completely different games.

Ol_Boy509d ago

Starhawk was trash. Please don't mention it in the same sentence as KZ2 and Warhawk.

Fluke_Skywalker508d ago

I absolutely loved Warhawk it was amazing for its time. Starhawk not so much.

Hikoran508d ago

This joker... who let him out?

1Victor508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

@hikory your ____
Anyway the moral of the post is
Because you like a game doesn’t mean your opinion is almighty and your game is unsurpassable.

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AuraAbjure508d ago

Titanfall 2 surpassed it.

hesido508d ago

KZ2 was the best MP Shooter experience on console. I absolutely loved the gameplay, and I hoped they made the MP system to be the standard across Sony Titles and on the platform, but they scrapped it as soon as KZ3. What an absolute shame. It's Clan support, arranged match support, messaging etc should have been integrated to PSN.

Limitedtimestruggle508d ago

I had a few hours of online mayhem in Killzone 2 today, rusty skills and's still a blast! That ping when you off someone never gets old!

What a rush and a awesome throwback to fun and careless times lol

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roadkillers509d ago

Ignoring all of the controversy, when this game was released it felt good and looked amazing. Had no interest in 3 or Shadow. I think I just enjoyed the colot pallet of this futuristic shooter and the fact we were taking the fight to the Helgast

SullysCigar509d ago

Loved 2 the most, as it felt like a huge leap forward. 3 was great too, but for different reasons, like the surprisingly great Move sharpshooter!

yeahokwhatever509d ago

I played through 3 with the sharpshooter on my 3d projector screen and 7.1 surround. It was crazy fun. I was very tired after 2 days of solid playing to beat the game.

jukins509d ago

Played 3 with move and navi, no sharpshooter, i felt like a god!! And that satisfying kill noise

AuraAbjure508d ago

:0 What have I been missing? I had a PS3 for a hot minute but I guess I missed out on some dank motion controls.

kneon508d ago

my only problem with the sharpshooter was that it made it all too easy. it was too accurate and easy to control

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SeTTriP508d ago

And the particle effects was way ahead of its time.

annoyedgamer509d ago

We need a Killzone where we play as the Hellghast.

OhReginald509d ago

Brings a tear to my eye. Thank you modders.

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