Fat Princess priced at £11.99 in UK

SCEE has told GamerZines that Fat Princess will cost £11.99 in the UK.

The long-awaited online title launches worldwide on PSN this Thursday.

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Arsenal4Ever3825d ago

i knew that would be their price :) wish it was £9.99. Still getting though.

Lifendz3825d ago

I really feel like I'm spending too much money on games but there are so many coming out now that I can't help it. Chubby Chaser trophy here I come.

Blaze9293825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

Wasnt there JUST a article talking about the rise in XBLA prices becuase if rise in quality?

Yeeeeep...yep. This is a pretty hefty price tag. So what's the deal? like $13 was associated with greed for XBLA titles. Is it the same situation here; greed?...or just a rise in quality for this fantastic game?

WhittO3825d ago

Seems a bit much since it's like $14.99? Thought it would be like £8.99.

You can buy LBP for that price over here lol, o well, should be worth it.

gaffyh3825d ago

If I'm not mistaken, Wipeout HD was also £11.99 and I bought it day one, still one of the most value for money games available. So I expect fat Princess to have a lot more gameplay than the usual PSN title.

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Marty83703825d ago

I was expecting £14.99.

umair_s513825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

More like $25 here with the tax, a bit high for PSN title. Still can't wait for the weekend

EDIT: People in the beta, is it worth the price tag?

DeforMAKulizer3825d ago

Definitely!!!!!! I loved every second of the beta, and that was with only one map, and nothing more!!

Sangria3825d ago

Same here, i really enjoyed the beta, really addictive and fun. Sadly there's no way to play with someone else on the same screen and i hope some bugs are fixed, but really, it's fun as hell.
Thanks to Fat Princess, i felt in a Team Buddies nostalgia.

freitox3825d ago

It has a couple of network bugs, but they haven't been doing anything besides fixing those and they have said everything now works perfectly, so buy it!:)

Scarfy3825d ago

£9.99 would have been better. £11.99 appears considerably more because there is an extra digit.

LightofDarkness3825d ago

Soooooo buying this. People in the beta: is it definitely worth the price of admission?

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The story is too old to be commented.