Here’s How You Can Get Fat Princess for Free

Junkie Monkeys: SCEA have recently released Fat Princess: Piece of Cake on iOS. Sure, it’s a mobile game, but it’s free to play and players get a chance to earn a free copy of Fat Princess for the PlayStation 3.


Only available in Canada at the moment.

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admiralvic2460d ago

Doesn't seem to be up / out in the US. =\

Treezy5042460d ago

Yeah apparently it's only available in Canada right now. :/

jairusmonillas2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

wow my favorite psp game! can't wait to play it on my 5s.

edit: I just watch a gameplay of it? wth?! its not the same game from ps3/psp lol its just a bejewel candy crush kind of game. so disappointed.