Fat Princess: Piece of Cake is Anything But

gamrReview's Xavier Girffiths: "I would say that free to play games are a dime a dozen these days but that wouldn't really make any sense seeing as they are “free” and all. Regardless of how it's viewed, the free-to-play gaming model has carved out its own place in the market, mostly on PC and mobile platforms, but it is also slowly starting to gain a foothold on dedicated gaming devices.

One such game is Fat Princess: Piece of Cake, a match three puzzle/turn based RPG hybrid the likes of which we have seen many times before. In a move telling of where Sony’s priorities are at the moment, the game released on iOS and Android platforms before making its way to the PlayStation Vita via the PlayStation Store. Is that questionable slight indicative of a title that faithful Vita owners should avoid, or is there enough here to satisfy gamers hungering for new content?"

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CursedHero1342d ago

Oh, wow! This is... something?

3-4-51342d ago

There is another REAL Fat Princess game coming to PS4 though right?

doritos1342d ago

The original was really fun...when it worked. Such a shame really, because it was super fun and funny.

GokuSolosAll1342d ago

This game is worth it for Trophies, free copy of Fat Princess PS3, and a bit of fun until the pay-to-win (or grind until Rapture) kicks in.

Jubez1871342d ago

Isn't there another Fat Princess game coming out as well? I loved the original. I actually got poster of the month on the PS forums for my contribution to the FP sub forum.

paulogy1342d ago

This game is definitely fun if you like puzzle RPGs and a clever use of the Fat Princess characters / setting. Worth checking out.