Wizards of the Coast to create Eye of Judgment cards

Hot on the heels of Sony's announcement of the PlayStation Eye, Wizards of the Coast has announced they will be creating the cards for the camera's first game, The Eye of Judgment.

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Bebedora4195d ago

going animated with a vengence. I liiikeee, I liiikeee. *nodding head*

Bhai4195d ago

A company that has a history and experience of over 4 decades of fantastic monster-creation, their model designs are ripe with themes like Sword-&-Sorcery, Cloak-&-Dagger, Dungeons-&-Dragons, Might-&-Magic etc., they are a perfect fit for the type of designs Eye of Judgement requires and the more imaginative the models are, the more immersive the gameplay is a fact I've known after years of board role-playing and RPG videogames play !

Armyless4194d ago

Wizards is king of cards.

"We are very excited to enter into a collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment on trading cards for The Eye of Judgment which will deliver a ground-breaking entertainment experience that uniquely blends the global popularity of traditional trading card games with next-generation video games," said Phil Jackson, Group Executive of Hasbro Games. "Together we're creating a virtual world that brings fantastic trading card-based creatures to life for unprecedented interactive battles that will appeal to millions of fans around the world. It is innovation at its best."

artman4194d ago

from now on, we will have a different experience with card games... oh yeah~

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