Dead Space: Extraction might not be a Wii exclusive after all

Dead Space: Extraction has long been known as a title only for Wii, but now there appears to be a fairly strong chance that the game could see a release on other platforms - at least if teased words from the game's producer have any meaning.

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DragonWarrior_45421d ago

I hope not. Dead Space is one of the best games out this gen.

knox5421d ago

wait you hope not what? doesnt stay exclusive? i dunno if i want it to be an exclusive or not but it might be cool to see what changes were made if it went to the ps3/360 or even iphone

saint_john_paul_ii5420d ago

people who has played Dead Space most likely doesnt have a wii. i wouldnt mind waiting for a while for them to port the game to the HD consoles. Especially when the PS3 is also getting motion controls.

FarEastOrient5420d ago

EA probably saw how bad the sells were for games like The Conduit, MadWorld, and Dead Rising for the Wii and said yup we are not going to be making any money off the Wii version.

dragunrising5420d ago

Why would this come out for 360/PS3? Its a light gun game... Before anyone shouts out Time Crisis 4, remember that the Wii doesn't need additional hardware to be a light gun game.

I hope this isn't true as my Wii needs all the love it can get these days... :-p

MEsoJD5420d ago

Isn't this a rail shooter???

Who actually thought it was coming to anything else???

Poopface the 2nd5420d ago

they would just make dead space 2 instead.

N4g_null5420d ago

I actually hope they do this. Back in the days all systems would get the port at the same time. Then you could see where the gamers really where. I mean if you look at battle toads and double dragon it came out on the NES ans snes and genesis. Lots of people claim they played only the NES version. It would be nice if this worked in reverse also because the publishers are shooting them selves in the foot I believe.

Smacktard5420d ago


The Conduit sales are doing well (Wii games are typically believed to have legs... see Galaxy, and how Mario Kart among others still hits the top 10 chart like every week). Also, Dead Rising? Are you serious? The Wii version of that game is terrible, and if it sold a single copy, then it sold one copy too many.

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Megaton5420d ago

I absolutely LOVE Dead Space, but isn't this one a rail shooter? Keep it on the Wii if it is, I'll wait for a real sequel.


ya, 100% i to love dead space. my game of the year 2008, i like the idea of this game, but at the same time. if its made with the wii in mind then keep it on the wii.

just take time and make dead space 2 as good as dead space one and they will have a winner.

Carl14125420d ago

Agreed. Dead Space was one of my favourite games of last year, but i'd rather not have a crappy rail shooter version.

Product5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )


" Electronic Arts has been promoting Dead Space Extraction as a Wii exclusive since it was announced, but does that really mean Dead Space Extraction won't appear elsewhere? At the Dead Space Extraction panel at Comic-Con, the team would only smile, teasing they knew something we didn't.

"Right now it's exclusively to the Nintendo Wii," said executive producer Steve Papoutsis, "but that's an interesting question."

A later question asked if it would make sense as an iPhone game. The team went into sarcasm mode. Sarcasm is usually a good indicator you're onto something.

"Yes, that [idea is] pretty cool," said Papoutsis. "Top notch!"

Sounds like we could have an iPhone version in the works, folks."

Gr815420d ago

Thanks for putting this in context Product.

Also, remember when it was announced that the game was a rail shooter and HD fans laughed, now they want the game ported to their system? How would that work? Look at how time crisis flopped on PS3, if EA is smart they should save their resources for a more fruitful endeavor.

Hell even the first dead space flopped.

PirateThom5420d ago

While rail shooters are at home on Wii, Time Crisis on PS3 didn't flop because of the user base, it flopped because Time Crisis 4 is a terrible, terrible game. This is from someone who spent a lot of time with every arcade version of Time Crisis and owned the home versions... until 4.

Gr815420d ago

A game on Wii flops its because of the Wii. When a game on the other systems flop its because the game sucked..interesting.

Automat5420d ago

Time Crisis 4 on PS3 sucked so much I haven't got words for it... it looked like a bad PS2 game, and the gameplay wasn't much better.. just STFU if you haven't played it.
Dead Space was my GOTY 08, it's a shame people didn't pick it up.

PirateThom5420d ago


I'm talking about a bad game selling badly.

Time Crisis 4 didn't sell because it sucked.

Gr815420d ago

I think maybe you need to stfu, and now. I don't know who you think you are typing too, but don't be a tough guy.

Pirate; I'm just makin an observation is all.

asdr3wsfas5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )


I'm talking about a bad game selling badly.

Time Crisis 4 didn't sell because it sucked."

You weren't the one who said this, but anyone who owned Madworld would tell you it's 6 hours of repetitive gameplay and that's why it failed, yet we still come into threads like this where it's used as evidence the wii has no hardcore base. Meanwhile successful wii hardcore games like those in the RE series (RE4, Umbrella Chronicles) or Call of Duty are completely ignored, even though they did amazingly well and each sold over a million.

Scroll up a ways for an example of Madworld specifically and look at the comment directly below mine for a less specific form of the same accusation. Note that neither of those commenters mention any of the games I did. Of course there are more hardcore games that didn't break a million but sold incredibly well.

It's frustrating because people who haven't played, owned, or beaten the game are telling those of us who have why it failed. Again, it wasn't you who said that, but you have to understand that we hear that it all the time and we're all very tired of it. But now you understand how annoying it is.

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sak5005420d ago

Well i will not be surprised if it's announced as MP due to the atrocisous sales record of wii games. The majority of million toppers are the ones bundled with some thing or other. So if EA wants money out of it better release it on the HD consoles.

Kamikaze1355420d ago

Dead Space is one the the best games out this gen. I wouldn't mind playing another game in the series. However, I don't own a Wii and don't plan on buying one till Final Fantasy Chronicles comes out