Dave Jones wants APB to spawn Fatal1ty-like celebs

Realtime Worlds' Dave Jones hopes characters created in upcoming online action game APB will achieve Fatal1ty-like celebrity status.

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DelbertGrady4386d ago

Stop talking and show us your game.

Premonition4386d ago

Cant wait for this game, beta starts at the end of the year, hopefully videos will start to spawn.

JohnnyMann4204386d ago

J/k, but in all seriousness... who cares?


paul03884386d ago (Edited 4386d ago )

I've been seeing so much about APB and the Agency lately that it's just getting pathetic. Unless these games are spectacular, which I doubt they will be, they won't spawn any Fatal1ty like celebrities. I don't even know how that dweeb even became famous. I mean, really, he only played Quake and Counterstrike and since then his name has only been on sound cards. He's lower that the lowest washed up sitcom star.

On the subject of what game is going to spawn the next video game celebrity, well... Modern Warfare 2 is coming out soon and it's in the running to be the biggest game of all time so I'd say the best chance would be there.

As far as APB goes, unless it's spectacular and truly unique, it's going to be shadowed by the release of behemoths like Modern Warfare 2 and ODST.

LightofDarkness4386d ago

APB looks fantastic, watch the recent developer video from Brighton. You're probably right in that it won't achieve the same success as the other two games mentioned, mostly because it's a new IP and it's an MMOG, but if it's truly great (and the videos offer plenty of evidence that it could well be) and enough people know about it, it could really take off.

ThePoorman4386d ago

Does he mean a**holes? As that is all I have ever seen Fatal1ty to be.

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