Pre-Order Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and Get the Juggernaut

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "Gamestop always seems to get the pre-order goodies these days. This time, the game is Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and the goody is playable character Juggernaut. Below you can check out a cool 3D preview of the character you can get if you pre-order."

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DoucheVader4388d ago

He so scarey. LOL

Now in the movies he could just go through anything. Somehow I think he may be slightly gimped for the game.

Omegasyde4387d ago

Seriously, his power is unrivaled. No one can take him. His pimp smack is legendary.

Lifewish4388d ago

pre-order bonuses like this shouldnt even be considered bonus.. epic fail

Sev4388d ago

Yeah, this one is rather lame!

dopeboimagic924387d ago

I think I'll pass. I still gotta preorder Uncharted and Ratchet & Clank.