NFS: Shift gets Collector's Edition

Need For Speed: Shift will receive a Collector's Edition, packing an exclusive poster plus unlockable BMW M3 GT2 and Super Series Race.

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DragonWarrior_43476d ago

A collectors edition to a game that has yet to be proven? Ha! I think I will pass. I will play Forza 3 instead. Shift isn't even in the same league. Now a Gran Turismo 5 CE sounds more like it. With authentic prestige to justify such product. Cant wait to get in dash view of those rally cars.

ChozenWoan3475d ago

NFS has just gone down hill since NFS: Underground 2 faster than a Tokyo drifter with NOS.

With Forza3 and GT5 coming out, looks like NFS will be taking the slow lane on both consoles this gen.

DonCorneo3475d ago

it's more arcade in terms of gameplay but the physics is comparable to a sim like GT.

its graphics also murders forza 3. this is the game to get this september.

HarukoHex3475d ago

Can't wait to play this. reminds me so much of a grid/pro street mix. and I loved both games.