Public Madden 10 Demo Keeps Getting Worse

As more details come out on the demo situation for Madden 10 the worse it becomes for anyone who doesn't go out of their way to preorder at a Gamestop. Even then there is no guarantee it will pay off. Codes are set to be given out in limited supply and non-preorders will be left with a one minute quarter demo.

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Blaze9295480d ago

dunno why people are upset. Just play the Madden 09 demo...and 08..and 07...and 06

lokiroo4205480d ago

Talk about it blaze, madden and ea football is dead to me, never again!

jdktech20105480d ago

I usually alternate NCAA and Madden every year and I've found there's enough updated to make it worthwhile that way and this year it's Madden's turn. I like the tackling and fight for every yard additions though.

The demo wasn't gonna sway me either way so it is what it is...I'll just wait for a review to make sure there isn't anything horribly wrong and buy it then

rbluetank5480d ago (Edited 5480d ago )

ea has made some changes in 2010 madden but not enough for me... i will pass this game onto the rental status only... do anybody have some new gameplay information about backbreaker. i already have my money down for this game.....

SnukaTheMan5480d ago

You have to be a real idiot to need a demo for madden 2010...its almost the same game every year.

II Necroplasm II5480d ago

That's why they bought the rights out so they could just sit back every year and be lazy while seeing good sells.

EA sports have the responsibility to make a great football game and they haven't lived up to it.

Madden 10 looks to be better than 09, not saying much though just that there is improvements.

navyguy215480d ago

2 whores ban together to screw people lol. NFL 2k5 is STILL better than madden. I hope that lawsuit against EA succeeds so we can get NFL 2k11

Armyntt5480d ago

Its kinda funny but everytime i read any Madden article on any website i see the same comments. Madden haterz will always be Madden haterz. If your game of choice was 2K im sorry for you i liked 2K too but i always thought Madden was better. People act like 2K was the perfect game. There were TONS of glitches and errors on there too. Explain to me what you would want EA to do to make Madden worth your money. I find Madden to be an already really good game. Now it just needs some minor touch-ups here and there. No need to re-invent the wheel. BTW most of the haterz here more then likely dont even like football. Go play WOW then.

ThatStankyDrank5480d ago

why do people insist on buying madden map packs? To me, madden has always been the same since 2003. the best football games that were ever released are: the first madden for sega, madden2002, nfl 2k5(2k5's running game was a lil strong but it was one of the best)

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Borrowed games, a coffee cup, and the true meaning of Christmas

What do a coffee cup and borrowed video games have to do with the real meaning of Christmas? Lots, apparently.

THR1LLHOUSE4589d ago

Aw, a very nice little story.

NagaSotuva4589d ago

I was in love with the story until Madden came up.

lorianguy4589d ago (Edited 4589d ago )

Unlike at Christmas time, leaving a coffee stain on the case of a borowwed game causes large amounts of abuse from my friends.

Careful where you put your coffee!

But that was a very nice story, it seems you have made Jake a very happy boy :)