Warhawk: Gameplay Video

A new Gameplay-Video of Warhawk from E3 2006.

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Logan6216d ago

I feel like there hiding alot more things in this game, I mean we didnt even see what it was like when you get out of that jet and fight by foot. I think with motion sensing it should be alot of fun.

Shadow Flare6216d ago

I'm a big fan of flight sims, i love ace combat and this game looks intense. I can't wait to try out the motion controller on this game. Here's a new gaming experience i'd gladly enjoy. It looks so fun already

ssj046216d ago

-32 online multiplayer or splitscreen mp
-up to 800 planes at once
-plane flying
-tank/jeep driving
-6-axis controller support
-soldier running
-seamless worlds (hundreds of sq miles)
-amazing looking water + clouds
-downloadable content

"Dunno if it was ever mentioned, but Warhwak will have a completely seamless world, where you can fly and lend wherever you want from the beginning of the game, and also pick up available missions in any order you want and sometimes be able to do them from air or from ground, also using ground vehicles or on foot. It sounds very GTA-ish in terms of freedom that it allows.

There's going to be your capitol city with miles tall skyscrapers, and also varied environments like mountains, swamps, countrysides, islands, etc.

32 player multiplayer takes place in the same world, and again, anyone can jump into ground vehicles, or fly above and help the ground troops, etc.

- Another factoid I remember is that there can be up to around 800 enemies (the number of enemy swarms increases towards the end of the game) on the screen you are fighting against, and the game is supposed to be rock solid 60FPS.

- One SPU is running a wave simulation for water, another is rendering clouds using software raytracer, and then they are overlayed on the rest of the scene rendered by RSX, so clouds in particular are rendered in the same way CGI movie effects are done."

Shadow Flare6214d ago

im not gonna dis you cos i know your a playstation guy but sometimes your comments are kinda...irrelevant, lets say? But this comment was really good and i enjoyed reading it. These are the kind of comments u need to be writing dude, keep it up

800 planes? This is gonna be awesome