Next MK fighter will be "real serious" says Ed Boon

Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon has explained that his next game is "going to be a real serious Mortal Kombat" in an interview with CVG.

Speaking about what's coming after Armageddon, he said the new title will be "a lot more realistic-looking... we're not going to joke around in this one, it's not going to be like jokes".

It suggests a more edgy style for the next Mortal Kombat game, Boon reaffirming that it'll be "a lot grittier, dirtier" than previous titles in the series.

"It's going to be a fighting game, definitely, but after that anything can go", he added, talking about the fact that he's starting from scratch for the new game.

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Havince4200d ago

keeping the mk theme but i sense a huge change from the series, i for one love mortal kombat, the characters are excallent and im a huge sub zero fan.

MoonDust4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

The one with the monk and his adventure. That was cool. Maybe a MMO.

calderra4200d ago

KYeah! KSerious Kortal KKombat Kfor Konce!
KI Kcan't Kwait Kfor Kthe Knext Kinstallment.
KMaybe Kwe'll Ksee Kthe Kreturn Kof Kart Kombat, Kor KChess Kombat, Kand KPuzzle Kombat!


MK_Red4200d ago

Hopefully this new MK will restore MK to its MK2 era status. Kudos to Boon for making it more realisitc and serious and also to CVG for the interview. Kombat kontinues.

hamburgerhill4200d ago

I just want each character to have totally unique move's and power's! Every experience should be different for every fighter and maybe bring back the feel of when it was 1st released and it felt like an insane experience!

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The story is too old to be commented.