Top Ten Video Game Crossovers

Kevin of Paranerds writes : "You know what we love? Crossovers. Either in movies, TV Shows or comics it doesn’t matter, as long as we see a characters that’s not supposed to be in a universe make a cameo or appearance we get all giddy inside. I think that’s why we loved The Avengers, knowing all those characters from different movies share the same universe is awesome. The Simpsons will crossover with Family Guy this coming Sunday and that’s the first time in a long time I’m looking forward to a new Family Guy episode. Video games are no strangers to this either as there have been a number of crossover titles. Characters showing up in other games or even just easter eggs or cameos, it’s fun to see them let alone have a game based on the concept of a crossover. There have been a lot of these games. Some we’ve never heard of. But regardless here are the Top Ten Video Game Crossovers."

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