Video game powers that made you feel powerful

Mike Clark over at [email protected] explores some of the super powers in video games that made us feel unstoppable. Video games are so much better than real life.

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SaveFerris1256d ago

Aww. What about the powers from InFamous: Second Son. They were pretty cool too, right?

Activemessiah1256d ago

I'm gonna say Doom guy... no powers... One dude with a double barrel shotgun goes to hell and annihilates everything. Almost feel sorry for the demons.

maybelovehate1256d ago

The Gravity Gun in Half Life 2 always comes to mind when this topic comes up. I felt so invincible and awesome with that gun.

And of course the Nuclear Sword in Sunset Overdrive haha, so epic!

isarai1256d ago

inFamous series especially 2

syne491256d ago

Zone of the Enders 2, Zero Shift. Nothing has come close to making me feel that godlike in a game save for actually becoming a god.

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The story is too old to be commented.