El33tonline: Grand Slam Tennis Review (Wii)

It felt like Christmas morning as I opened my Wii MotionPlus and attached it to the Wii Remote. After first seeing the Wii MotionPlus demonstrated at E3 2008 with Wii Sports Resort, I was intrigued if this tiny addition could really enhance the gaming experience offered by the Wii. I would have preferred my first encounter with the Wii MotionPlus to be with a Nintendo title to ensure the hardware was being put to best use but for better or worse EA's Grand Slam Tennis was going to have to do.

To get started quickly you can use any of the existing players of which Grand Slam boasts an impressive line-up of names that young and old can certainly recognise. Even if you aren't a tennis follower you'll be surprised as to how familiar the names of these tennis legends are.

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