First Game To Use the PS3 Motion Control?

EA Sport's "Grand Slam Tennis" will have the honour of heralding a new way of gaming when it debuts the Playstaion 3 Motion Control.

The game had been developed for some time and should have already come out. However, it was mysteriously delayed back in August. Now the mystery has been revealed as it was being prepared to come out using the motion control.

There was a great buzz when the Project Natal was shown at E3 and everyone including myself can't wait to get my hands on this great new addition.

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Peter North4413d ago

Nope, it's not the first game that will be using the Ps3 Motion Control.

When you find out which 3rd party game is the first one, you might do a double take.

thebudgetgamer4413d ago

dont be holding out on us peter north.

D4RkNIKON4413d ago

yeah really, what do you know and how do you know it?

wxer4413d ago

i've heard that the first 1st party game
that is going to use that wand
is a game that got something like killzone2 graphics
and with enemies going out of trees or something

here take a look at this article

#9 in the open zone
i dont know if that guy us telling the truth or not


Sony should name this wand thing 'PS Sense' as in PlayStation SENSE and like how everyone shortened the PlayStation 3 to PS3 and the PlayStation Network to PSN Sony should call their new controller the PSS.

'The PSS provides TRUE 1:1 motion control giving you the most accurate on screen movement'


I was under the impression God Of War 3 would be debuting the new motion controls. Oh well if EA do as good a job with grand slam tennis on ps3 motion controls as they did with tiger woods with wii motion plus Sony might be onto a winner

HolyOrangeCows4413d ago

I want to see shooters, sword play, ACTION!

Now tennis, I can do that in real life. And I'd prefer to.

cmrbe4413d ago

Its great for marketing and easy for casuals to get. PSS is not mainstream imo.

wand as in like a magic wand that can create magic for the family etc etc.

Polluted4413d ago

@1.5: Who told you that? There's no way Sony would absolutely ruin their (arguably) best franchise with bullcrap motion controls for noobs and old ladies. Good god. Just thinking about it makes me cringe. Blech.

ThanatosDMC4413d ago

I bet there's gonna be hentai games out in Japan a year or two from now. I'd rather have a sword slashing game though.

TK4214413d ago

Now motion control games are going multi plat? Watch the games get gimped because Natal doesn't have any buttons.

I hope Grand Slam Tennis (that was the best name EA could come up with?) is better than Facebreaker.

beardpapa4413d ago

No! No the Playstation Sense! That's PSS. People will start pronouncing it as "piss"

Do you really want piss on your PS3?

Shadow Flare4413d ago

Aaww, imagine if the wii's controller was called the piss. That would be amazing. I reckon it would be marketed with this:

rbluetank4413d ago

lets take that suggestion back to the drawing board!!! lol

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chaosatom4413d ago

Releasing the motion control during Christmas would really bump up the sale.

D4RkNIKON4413d ago

While I agree with you, I hear they are planning a release in spring 2010


Yeah Spring 2010 is the launch period, but that could be interpreted anywhere from Jan 1st to March 27th

Peter North4413d ago

You just will not believe me if I tell you.

thebudgetgamer4413d ago

at least a hint. a letter. anything.

BYE4413d ago (Edited 4413d ago )


eagle214413d ago

I think MS needs to worry about Sony's motion. :)

GameOn4413d ago

I think MS has their own motion control to worry about.

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