New Need for Speed: SHIFT screens

EA published some new screens from Need for Speed: SHIFT showing the Renault Mégane RS.

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JOLLY13387d ago

I was sort of expecting something different though. They are still pretty rough. I guess it is pretty good for a multi-plat.

Greywulf3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

They look great. The vehicles don't look plastic, the interior is actually casting shadows, the texture detail down to things like stitching/carbon fiber is also pretty impressive.

The one thing i see lacking is depth of field which is why the BG vehicles are standing out like sore thumbs, but from the in-dash view, its looking great. Foliage is casting shadows, not just a "dark area" for the shadow. It seems like they are going for photorealism like Gran Turismo. And their bullshots/replay mode graphics are as good as most sims. And keep in mind they are running more than 9 cars on the screen at once.

I read an interview, and they are definitely trying to bring back the sim part of the NFS franchise. They even include tire wall flexing:

"Yes, each car has its own unique physics file, plus there are unique files for suspension types, tire types, gearbox types, turbo/supercharger types, engine types, etc. There are more than 500 separate physics files in the game as of now, many with dynamically changing aspects. This huge collection of files allows our physics programmers to create a detailed and realistic simulation of all of the key defining factors in car behaviour and many of the more subtle details that are missed in nearly all racing games. This is the difference that makes a player say "this just feels right!" when playing SHIFT. For example, when the tire sidewalls flex under load in a corner, it minutely changes the shape and location of the tire's contact patch, which in turn changes how the tire grips the tarmac as it strains to keep hold. Without details like this a driving game can still be fun, but it can feel sterile and dead. With SHIFT we're pushing the limits of physics processing on consoles, delivering a racing experience that is alive, gripping, visceral, and believable."

As a sim enthusiast, ^^^^^ is amazing. Especially for NFS. All i need is a demo, and steering wheel support.

shocky163387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

Cars are looking pretty nice though.

XLiveGamer3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

If this looks better than Forza 3 then looks better than Gran Turismo also... right?

-"But, but, but nothing get close to Gran Turismo and Gran Turismo looks real XLiveGamer!"

Before you a comparison of a InGame screenshot (ABOVE) and a Real Life picture(BELOW) >>>