WarHawk dev knew about tilt

WarHawk developer Incognito may only have "officially" known about the PS3 tilt controller for a couple of weeks before E3, but Sony Santa Monica game director Brian Upton now claims the companies had been plotting for ages.

"Actually, Incognito has secretly been working with Sony on the tilt technology for a while," he says in an interview with IGN, "but it wasn't until the last few weeks before E3 that they received a working controller."

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TheMART6565d ago

Well the txt from this article sounds like Sony is having well thought idea's NOT.

Having some new stuff immplemented just before E3 while normally their PSZero would have launched then (so it's put in there and stolen from Wii) just to get something they could try to get the E3 hype going. Which didn't work obviously.

Then there's only one game announced. HELLO it's a freaking couple of months before the next launch if it's not delayed any further. Have they already begun producing? Otherwise I think it will be E3 2007 when it can be bought by little bits in shops

Actually, Incognito has secretly been working with Sony on the tilt technology for a while," he says in an interview with IGN, "but it wasn't until the last few weeks before E3 that they received a working controller."

Speaking to us at E3, Incog's Dylan Jobe said that the team only received the final controller the Sunday before Sony's Monday press conference.

WarHawk is still the only confirmed supporter of the tilt sensor technology Sony unveiled at E3, although everyone from Pro Evolution Soccer producer Seabass to Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has expressed interest in working with it since then

shoota336565d ago

Mart Your an idiot PERIOD.Go play xcrap if it is so damn good and stop spreading your bs everywhere no one wants to hear it.

TheMART6565d ago

Well are you glad with only one game officially anounced using this new great controller?

And that one game is also WARHAWK?

On top of that NO RUMBLE?

You think that's going to sell systems?

TheMART6565d ago

And Lametime, you're ssj so go watch yourself again and again


andy capps6565d ago

Quit with the straw-man argument. Of course Warhawk is the only confirmed launch game to use the tilt functionality, they're the only ones that knew about it prior to E3. No news has really been announced for PS3 launch games, or any games really that wasn't made known at E3. Numerous devs have expressed a desire or made known that they will be using the tilt functionality, I haven't read one interview yet that said that a dev wasn't going to use it. They just can't confirm if they will or how they will at this point because of corporate PR politics. That's the way these kinds of things work prior to the launch of a console. And I personally am very excited for the tilt feature, but I do hope that they get the rumble resolved prior to launch. I wouldn't miss it that much, I have a Logitech wireless controller now that I didn't notice prior to buying didn't have rumble. When I got it out of the box of course I noticed it, but after playing through a bunch of games I didn't really miss it that much.

I've already listed several times the numerous PS3 exclusives, that you have conveniently ignored, so quit with your BS about PS3 not having any exclusives.

TheMART6565d ago

Which LAUNCH exclusives that sell it by Christmas that are worth buying?

NONE, the 360 launch line up was very great compared by this weak line up

andy capps6563d ago

Can you tell me what the launch lineup for the PS3 is yet? Cause last I heard they haven't released it... The best games at the XCrap 360 launch were Kameo and CoD2. PS3 will have Warhawk (with supposedly PS2 graphics according to you), Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, new Rainbow Six game, Resistance: Fall of Man, Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom, probably new Tony Hawk game and new Call of Duty 3.

andy capps6563d ago

Still waiting for your comment on this one, TheMART. And since when does the acceptance of the tilt feature among devs hinge on what LAUNCH titles use the feature? Hmmm?..

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super bill6565d ago

i think the ps3 will loose this year,but next year the ps3 will start to close the gap on the 360.there will be more games for the ps3.i see all the shops taking preorders have sold out already,even quicker than the 360.

TheMART6565d ago

Yeah it's quit obvious that PS will loose the war this year when 360 already sold 5 million. They can't get that straighten out for sure.

But you forget one thing. Christmas is selling time nr.1. If they miss this Christmas again, which it looks like and 360 will get Sony fans who want Killzone 2 but won't see it again after CGI E3 2005, but can get Gears of War which is all of that CGI but then ingame, Sony is loosing their hardest fans.

Furthermore, I don't think PSZero will win next year. Have you read the reports of the analysts?

And last but not least, there is quit a reasonable doubt about Sony's financial position.

First quarter 2005 already showed over 500 million dollars loss for Sony. Which they had every quarter of that year. This year started first quarter out with almost 600 million dollar loss. As they will do every quarter of this year.

That combined with every 10 million PS's sold, with an average loss of 300 to 400 dollar a unit, makes 3 to 4 BILLION dollars loss over those machines.

Their shares already rocked bottem from high point 120 dollars. The shareholders probably are getting enough of barbie ken. Especially when one sees that with TV's, Samsung is gaingin much terrain on Sony's former master position.

"Howard Stringer has assured Sony shareholders that he's turning the company's fortunes around, with PlayStation 3 a major factor in planned growth.

At a packed shareholder meeting in Tokyo today, Sony's boss said, "We have entered a period of re-emergence."

Sony's losses for the January-March quarter were up to 66.5 billion yen (US$578 million), worse than the 56.5 billion yen loss for the same period in 2005. Investment in PlayStation 3 was one of the reasons cited.

Stringer said the company is on target to hit an operating profit margin of five percent by the year starting April 2007, up from 2.6 percent last year. However, margins this year are down to less than 2% due to PS3'as introduction."

And don't forget, the normally fanbased Japan is off the hook also for the PSZero:

"Japan's development community shared anonymous thoughts on the PlayStation 3 in the latest issue of Japan's Ge-Maga. The magazine asked developers throughout the nation a number of questions regarding Sony's next generation platform. While the number of responses was not revealed, Ge-Maga is pretty well-connected (name changes aside, Ge-Maga is the oldest videogame magazine in Japan), so we're going to assume the survey reached a good portion of Japan's development community.

Of course, the big question concerned price. 90.29% of the surveyed feel the PS3 is too pricey, compared to just 9.71% who feel that it's priced just right. One developer commented, "It's more expensive than my rent."

Last but not least the analysts say:

For 2007, IDG predicts Microsoft dominance for the next two years in the North American next-gen game hardware market, at least in terms of installed base. The forecast predicts 10.6 million consoles in homes for Xbox 360, 6.8 million for PlayStation 3, and a modest 3.5 million for Wii in 2007. In 2008, Anderson suggests 15.5 million units in homes for the 360, 13.5 million for PS3, and 6.8 million for Wii. He does mention that his group expects the PS3 to win out in the installed based race in the end, perhaps in 2009."

So there you have it

Silver3606565d ago

The shops stopped taking pre orders because they will only be getting 20 units per store. Where with the 360 they got 50 - 80 units. Talk about your shortages and price gouging. November is gonna really hurt those Sony fans wallets.

achira6565d ago

how can someone talk such bs ? "they stopped": are you crazzy ? go into a shop and you can order one you fool.

shoota336565d ago (Edited 6565d ago )

Mart you still cant prove xcrap sold 5 million you just think they did but they are barly at 4 million. they are selling a crappy 200,000 consoles a month which will not do it.ps3 will come out and make MS look like an ass. they wont even reach 6 million by th time ps3 come out.

TheMART6565d ago

OMG Oh my FREAKING God. You are as dumb as barbie Ken himself.

That sales figures you're mentioning are only from North-America. And still then you're scaling them low. April sold 294.000 units, may 221.000 units. Europe/Australia and rest of the world sells 500.000+ consoles every month.

So 700.000 to 800.000 every month. @ March they sold 3,2 Million. Plus 3 months x 700.000 makes 2.1 million or 3 x 800.000 makes 2.4 million

3.2+2.1 = 5.3


3.2 + 2.4 = 5.6 million

You must be under 8 and can't count. So by the end of this year it's another 6 months x 800.000 at least (see sales kicking in higher gear when Gears of War is here).

5.6 million + 4.800.000 is over 10 million sold period.

And you're PWNED again


kingboy6565d ago

this mart guy is always the first on every ps3 post talking sh*t..does he even have a 360? i will luv to buy u one so u shut up a little.