ONM: The Conduit Review

The online mode doesn't do enough to make The Conduit and essential Wii game. The reason The Conduit falls short of must-have status is down to the repetition on offer in terms of influences and design decisions. Levels often become a chore, especially the ones set in dull grey military facilities, while the Drudge aliens are aptly named.

For all its lack of inspiration, The Conduit is still an enjoyable shooter. Just don't expect miracles.

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Monteblanco3391d ago

Good review. Except for the part the reviewer complain that tossing a grenade will move your aim. This seems very realistic to me and, if you don't like it, you can change it.

EvilTwin3391d ago

This is one of the only reviews I can think of that actually praises the plot and lists it as a positive.

75-85 range seems to be about right, IMO. The graphics and gameplay mechanics are there, but the level design and art style aren't quite there.

Venox20083391d ago

good game, I like it's singleplayer :)

N4g_null3391d ago

Just wondering if there are any FPS fans over in europe... hell most of the quake 3 guys are in the UK and quake wars has germans there all the time. I guess we will see what happens.