Gone with The Wii: Top 7 Wii Shooters

With the launch of the Wii U looming, Nerds on the Rocks wanted to take a look back at the Wii and all it bought to the table. In the first part, NoTR looks at the best shooters for the console.

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GamePodunk3829d ago

No Sin and Punishment: Star Successor? Blasphemy!

Not a bad list otherwise, though. Definitely tough to outdo Metroid Prime 3.

Sobaer3829d ago

Nice read. But why 7? xD

Theredpurple3829d ago ShowReplies(1)
GameTavern3829d ago

We started doing 7 to be different...

And because I love James Bond.. so technically a top 007 list...

deno3829d ago

I thought conduit would be up there. Matter of opinion I guess.

deno3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Shameful on my part, I must have missed it. In general the nintendo wii has such a great variety of games. My two favorite are, muramusa and fragile dreams.

Neonridr3829d ago

I am glad they recognized Red Steel 2. I have said it time and again, an amazing sequel and definitely worth a play.

TheFirstClassic3829d ago

Red Steel 2 was excellent, one of the best games on wii. I can understand putting MP3 in front of it, but not goldeneye. Probably the single best implementation of motion controls in gaming to date imo.

GameTavern3829d ago

I think Red Steel 2 makes better use of the controller, but I think Goldeneye is the better game.

A lot more variety. A lot more compelling campaign.
And really.. not gonna hide it... huge Bond fan!