Metro 2033 (Consoles, P.C.) Might Equal Crysis (P.C.) Visually

SKOAR!: "There has been an ongoing debate regarding the processing power of consoles to pull of a massive engine such as CryEngine which needed to be toned downed significantly for consoles to actually handle the versatility of the engine. We found a game called Metro 2033 (announced way back in 2006) that might actually showcase that the current generation console machine(s) can handle the visual quality of Crysis."

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PISSIO4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

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JsonHenry4333d ago

Meh. While it may look good, ANYONE that knows a thing or two about what is under the hood of the consoles know it is a physical impossibility for any current console to pull it off as stated.

However, through clever art style and level design you can achieve the same "wow" factor that Crysis had.

I don't really care if it is pushing the same amount of polys and high rez textures as crysis as long as the game is polished and well done.

gambare4333d ago

gameplay of the PC version...

Jhun4333d ago

Correct my ignorance if I'm wrong but why are we debating the CryEngine2 when the CryEngine3 is not far from release?

Anyways, screw all this crap Pokemon graphics FTW.

Pandamobile4333d ago

Because CryEngine 2 on PC looks better than CryEngine 3 on consoles (in case you didn't already know)

DaTruth4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

Who cares; We know it won't be rendering 50k's of island all at once and won't have full destructability where you blow up a house from 25k away and later in the game, you pass the house and it's still destroyed!
Maybe more like stupid Farcry, where you kill five guys at a checkpoint, return five minutes later and the same guys are back in the exact same place. In one mission I had to fight the same guys 4 times in ten minutes!

Crysis is far more than graphics, they just should have focused a little more on gameplay from what I've heard!

Pandamobile4333d ago

Why don't you play it for yourself before you judge the game play.

Everything about Crysis is just top notch.

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Syronicus4333d ago

Oh yeah, just replace the title "metro 2033" with the title "Haze"...

Look, I played Haze and thought the game was OK at best but you have to agree with one thing here... hype kills games in too many cases and to even begin hyping a game like this and pitting it against the visuals of Crysis is silly stuff.

Nice4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

Read the article before commenting acc to it the polygon count on a character's head in Crysis is 3k and in this game its close to that it MIGHT be visually stimulating like Crysis, the game is not jungle based to compare gameplay mechanics like Haze was pitted unnecessarily...Haze never looked as good as crysis...As a matter of fact I hate it when ppl compare Far Cry 2 and Crysis as well all jungle games are not the same..

Syronicus4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

People hyped Haze to be a the Crysis of consoles before Haze was in the Alpha stages. Obviously, before it hit store shelves they had to dumb it down due to performance issues with the game engine used. So with this game I will say the same thing, don't hype it up before the retail product hits the shelves or you could look equally as stupid as the idiots that hyped Haze up before it was released.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to see all of this come to fruition but I refuse to be one of those people that hype a game they know little about just because of a few headshots and poly counts.

FantasyStar4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

Hype kills games. This "Metro 2033" is no different. Until it's in my hands and on my PC, it doesn't exist.

nycredude4333d ago

I don't remember anyone in the media hyping Haze up to be graphically equal or even comparable to Crysis. If you can please post some links so I can read them. The only people hyping Haze up were the fanb0ys.

TenSteps4333d ago

Yeah hype really can make or break any game and nycredude I found one... but only one


DaTruth4333d ago

I also don't recall anyone comparing Crysis to Haze! I just remember fanboys like Nasim saying "Wait till teh Haze is released, 360 is gonna be teh dust". But back in those days this was a haven for 360 fanboys (which was anyone who couldn't afford a $600 Ps3 and was mad about it); The fanboys were just looking for something to grasp onto to fight the constant barrage of PS3 hate!

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Jonelo4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

It is funny , because there is not today a PS3 version for this ukrainian game based in a russian novel - sounds like a console version to 360, but not for PS3 today - , focusing especially in the market of the CIS - and after in the West , THQ be the publisher in the West . And the article of is about a the power of consoles and Crysis etc etc blabla bla bla

MGOelite4333d ago

ive never heard of this game? is it exclusive to ps3 and pc and when it coming out

clixx334333d ago

Yeah seems like it. I don't think they could get that power on the 360. :P And it's weird that for once it's Ps3 and PC exclusive instead of Xbox and PC exclusive. This has peaked my interest. 0.0

N4PS3G4333d ago


well if you go tho the site and check on the news..there's an ad and i think i can see the xbox 360 logo at the bottom left

but you know ..thats just me

GiantEnemyCrab4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

It's 360/PC/PS3. This is well known and Official Xbox Magazine even have a nice article and story about the game. No release date or even window that I know of.

From what I've seen so far nothing is screaming Crysis level graphics.

LightofDarkness4333d ago

It looks good, but has more of a UE3 style to it. The face in the pic looks a little goofy as well. Really not a lot to go on from this yet, so let's keep the hype train at the station until it has enough fuel...

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