Super Mario Galaxy - 720p through Wii emulator

"This is simply to show off how gorgeous the game looks in 720p, much like we showed you with Super Smash Bros. Brawl and other games."

ChickeyCantor5439d ago

Gusty Garden would have been a better pick.

Gr815439d ago

I would of liked to see melty molten galaxy? Or whatever its called, the one with the volcano. Definitely a level which had me in awe at the impressive visuals.

ChickeyCantor5439d ago

Yeah I agree,
But im a bit bias though xD Gusty garden is my favorite level.

iamtehpwn5439d ago

I've emulated Tales of Symphonia before with it,
And using PCSX2, I've played through Final Fantasy X.

Both in HD.
You'll be SURPRISED how good last gen games look once you seem them in HD.

Gr815439d ago

because of the music? or that damn overgrown mole?;)

Winter47th5439d ago (Edited 5439d ago )

After playing both the PS3 & 360 on an HDTV I couldn't get myself to buy a Wii because it doesn't support HD resolutions, I can't stand all that jagginess and those saw-ish edges.


Damn, this game is the most beautiful game released this generation. Whoever was the art director is really a visionary.

bjornbear5439d ago

Not to be a pain, but it's kind of that mentality that causes people to really miss the point of gaming...

I'd understand if you said that about say...Original Resident evil on PS1 or something, but Mario Galaxy? Why be so picky with looks? Theres far more to games than that, and you'd be missing out on hundreds of games because you don't like a few "jagged" corners =/

It's a shame really how this "next gen" is making people pixel-junkies =/

I respect your opinion though, and I don't mean to imply you aren't a gamer or anything, it js sucks to have tht cz you really miss out on some good oldies =(

No hard feelings man, just speaking my mind, hope you understand =) peace!

Trebius5439d ago

I agree with you 100%...

that statement goes down as one of the most closed-minded things i've heard to this day...wont play galaxy cause of jaggies?? Give me a break...

It's only younger gamers that think that way...Ive been gaming since the Atari days so I can appreciate a good game even if it doesnt blow me away visually.

PS360PCROCKS5439d ago

Well no offense HD does make things look more clear and all but it's not the lack of HD that makes the game look like that, it's only more noticeable. It's the lack of power for the Wii and not being able to run 2-4X Anti-Aliasing to smooth those edges out.

FragMnTagM5439d ago

Not too shabby in SD, but the jaggies really are bad on an HDTV. If you play the Wii on a regular ole TV though, it looks better than trying to run it on an HDTV. The pixels are so big on an SDTV, that the jaggies are mostly unnoticeable. I really want to play some Wii games coming out, and it would be great if the Wii supported HD.

Aquanox5439d ago

You need a hell of a CPU though. I'm running it with a Phenom II running @3.6Ghz and it still struggles to have a fluid framerate.

It only uses 2 cores though. I hope they bring Quad Core support sometime down the road... it would have a huge performance boost considering the emulation relies much more on CPU than GPU.

n4f5438d ago

gusty is ok but ice meet cold would be nice also

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DiLeCtioN5439d ago

even without HD Mario Galaxy is one of the most beautiful games on Wii

bjornbear5439d ago

One of few games i'd get a Wii for =/ too bad it's really not looking good for me in the money sector....ah well

swiftshot935439d ago

Galaxy 2 doesnt look noticeably different although the grass looks gorgeous. So thanks to Nintendo for that.
IMO though Metroid Prime 3 is still the best looking game on wii.

xino5439d ago

look at the images...in 720!

And look at the images of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 supposedly in 720 being compared by Eurogamer and DigitalFoundry.

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