Protect Your iPhone with this Awesome PS1 Case

PlayStation LifeStyle: "Just looking at this lifelike Playstation 1 felt iPhone cover can bring a surge of nostalgia. This 5" x 3" felt casing is the perfect way to show off the Playstation fan inside of you."

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DJ3396d ago

That is just too awesome. Can they make a PS3 one for the iPod Classic though?

ps3gamerkyle3396d ago

This will be the perfect addition for my iPhone!

poopsack3396d ago

Win! i just got an iphone this week!

DJ3396d ago

iPhones are da bomb. Litebike and Papi Jump are my favorite apps. (i have an iPod touch)

WhittO3396d ago

im getting mine next week, they are out of stock EVERYWHERE (where is am)!!

Cant wait, people say its so expensive, but i looked at all the other smart-fones and they are either more expensive in the end or dont have as many features as the iphone 3gs.

ryanpmulvey3396d ago

But you can only expect so much from etsy, they never make enough of a good thing.