AFK Journey Review - Hardcore Droid

AFK Journey is one of the best games I’ve played this year, and comes close to being the perfect idle RPG.

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AFK Journey Preview - Game Rant

Game Rant previews AFK Journey's first seasonal update, which includes content of every kind, new heroes, and a whole new region to explore.

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AFK Journey Review: A Rewarding Gacha Experience - ESTNN

Paul G Writes: "AFK Journey is a free open-world, role-playing gacha centered on creating your own team of powerful heroes. Here, you play as the reincarnation of the great mage Merlin, solving a mystery surrounding a malignant corruption.

On its surface, AFK Journey's gorgeous visuals, strategic gameplay and dynamic characters promise a wholly fun experience for new and old players alike. Journey even has a very easy pity system that makes getting rare heroes a breeze.

That said, AFK Journey still presents the usual flaws in big gacha entries, including a lack of accessibility features, bad voice direction and predatory microtransactions."

Kaii30d ago

predatory microtransactions nets 7/10 o_O laughable

Angyobangyo30d ago

$70 AAA games with multiple season passes and multiple MTXs get similar or even higher scores.

geekmandem27d ago

Thanks for not reading the article :)