EKWB reportedly plagued with financial disarray many gaming pc's left without parts

EK Cooling allegedly has slipped itself into a hot soup of seemingly endless financial woes, where it has not paid its staff, suppliers, and contractors for many months as the company is facing liquidity problems and a surplus of inventory left unsold, stuck in the warehouse for a more extended period. Gamers Nexus investigated these claims made by former and current personnel, where he found trails of unpaid bills lasting as long as three to four months and unpaid raises that accumulated for almost a year.

EK Water Blocks has two entities—a Slovenian-based headquarters and a US-based subsidiary, EK Cooling Solutions. Steve narrated the series of events in detail, stating that the company was reportedly irresponsible and negligent regarding payment. Consequently, partners and employees are forced to share the burden of alleged mismanagement. It all begins with its extensive range of products, leading to a surplus of goods. EK has over 230 water blocks, 40 liquid cooling kits, 85 reservoirs, 40 pumps, 73 radiators, and 212 miscellaneous accessories.

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just_looken32d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Yes this is not about video games directly but indirectly this will impact the pc gaming/workstation space hard.

This company is massive one of two in the water cool space so if it goes poof then thousands out there have no spare parts or half built computers.

SO yeah i know not about a video game but think of it as amd leaving the pc space but this is ekwb that could be leaving water cooling in the pc space

Jayz2cents a supporter of there products also has issues

Giblet_Head29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

As someone that has built a watercooling rig. EK is big, but there's so many numerous watercooling part companies out there. EK's stuff isn't exactly amazing quality for the price compared to others either, it's just ok. Much like Corsair. The impact would be negligible long term. For perspective the majority of my parts are XSPC, at most I use EK for my gpu waterblocks and fittings. Both easily replaceable.


Square Enix Sales Continue Upward Trend

The Q4 2016 financial report for Square Enix was released on May 12, and it indicates that the company is doing better than ever.

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Qrphe2933d ago

Hopefully this gives them the will to experiment with games again. The experimentation of game design Square went through in the 5th and 6th gen is still unparalleled.

never4get2933d ago

Square Enix have no capacity to make more Single Player home console games aside from PS Vita Ports because Star Ocean 5 flopped, Nier: Automata, Dragon Quest XI missing from the report. All their stable income they receive are being channel to fix their past mistakes. Any extra money they get should be for making Dragon Quest XI AAA-quality.

Chexs19902933d ago

Hopefully that will give us a real parasite eve sequel for consoles :D


Game Industry 73.5 billion dollars!

The game industry will continue to grow according to the yearly outlook from Global Entertainment and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Reveneue will grow from 51.4 Billion in 2008 to an estimated 73.5 billion dollars.

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WildArmed5460d ago

...can i have one million?
i mean its not like it'll dent their 73.5 billion dollars lol