Tekken 6 gamestop preorder bonus

Gamestop has another incentive for you to preorder a game from them, this time it's Tekken 6. Customers who preorder Tekken 6 from Gamestop will be treated to a custom costume for Yoshimitsu designed by the folks at Penny Aracade. As well as some other bonuses.

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DNAgent3394d ago

This game is garbage but the Penny Arcade skin just makes it suck even more.

NotSoSilentBob3394d ago

I am guessing you are a Hardcore SF fan. SF lost its edge when it waited 10 years to continue instead of remixing the same garbage over and over and over and over. Tekken has tried new things and changed them. SFIV was garbage that should have been on the wii.

freediro3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

i am tired of these companies offering goodies that maybe 5% of the gaming population actually cares about, ok its awesome to get it for free but how about giving us some real value or not making games so expensive? maybe i would buy more of them!

edit: by the way i can't wait for this game!

menoyou3393d ago

Tekken is a crappy game and this is a crappy pre-order bonus. I'll be enjoying BlazBlue which actually had one of the best pre-order bonuses EVER, and it's a better game to boot. I'll also be enjoying Street Fighter 4 which is another game better than Tekken.

SubZero3393d ago

Dam Dude have some Haterade and chill out.Blazblue ...wicked , Sf4 ....sweet. Tekken....fantastic. See you can like all 3.

Hobadoon3393d ago

No need to hate, man. All 3 of these titles are the sh!t. I already got SF4 + BlazBlue and you can trust and believe I got Tekken pre-ordered as well.

Great year for fighters.

El Botto3393d ago

Mark my words on it.

This preorder is not worth it. Yoshi aint my character.

ShadowRyuX3392d ago

Blazblue>>>Tekken> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>&g t;SF4

And this is coming from someone who grew up on Tekken and who bought a PS2 BECAUSE of Tekken Tag Tournament.

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xino3392d ago

a calendar!??

sorry...I can see calendar on my laptop, watch, phone, tv etc:/

ShadowRyuX3392d ago

A calender is crap, they should give us a statue of Heihachi or Jin...or Yoshimitsu! Or maybe some King of the Iron Fist related item.

Blasphemy3392d ago

I got in a pre order for the bundle that comes with the wireless stick.