TGR E3'09: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Preview

Arguably, there is no deeper universe than that developed by Marvel Comics. Decades of stories have created rich, vibrant characters the likes of which are nearly unparalleled. So when the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance was released, I kept asking myself why this hadn't been done before. The Raven Software team nailed the super hero aspects of the title and created a retro-esque brawler that was fun to pick up and play. With Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, the bar has been set even higher as Vicarious Visions looks to completely revamp the game. In fact, it almost looks like it had jumped to a new platform.

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SlamVanderhuge3394d ago

First one was cool, but repetitive. Hope that changes here

mr durand pierre3394d ago

Never played the first, but I always wanted a great Marvel game as I could never get into their fighters.