Warhawk Interview

To find out more about Warhawk for PS3, IGN hooked up with Santa Monica Studios Game Director Brian Upton and ask him to tell them everything he knew. Here's how it went down...

THAMMER16185d ago

The game looks like the OUTFIT Which really sucked bad. The only cool feature for this game is the water effects. Thumbs down for war hawk.

achira6185d ago

thumbs up for warhawk, thumbs down for thammer1. you are so lame. this game will be cool !


this game looks good, ok maybe the graphics arent the best as of yet but this game is still in development, it looks like a solid game to me

THAMMER16185d ago

There is nothing new here. The tilt joys stick!! Boooooo!! The graphics suck oh accept the water. And when you get out of the plane it looks just like the outfit on the 360, which also sucks. Ackira you are by for the lamest non gamer ever. You guys can gang up on me you are the ones that look dumb not me

Karibu6185d ago

Game looks good, did you even read the interview or did you begin bashing right away?? If you are not interested in this game , it doesn't mean it sucks.

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