Rumour: Jak & Daxter for PS3 is announced

PS3Hype writes: 'Today we were looking at the Press Center from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and we saw that Jak & Daxter for the PlayStation 3 held a status from Announced. We've didn't heard much about the game but hopefully we will hear more about it after Uncharted 2!'

[Update] 'When we have a look at the Media section from the Jak & Daxter on the PlayStation 3 we see that it goes about Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontiers. Mabye this game will come to the PlayStation 3. We already sent an email to Sony, so hopefully we can confirm the game soon'

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-MD-5015d ago

"We've didn't heard much about the game but hopefully we will hear more about it after Uncharted 2!'"


I loved Jak and Daxter 1 (can't remember if I played 2 or 3) so I'll be looking out for this.

Freak of Nature5014d ago (Edited 5014d ago )

What I hope for is that they go the route of "Insomniac",and become a 2 IP at a time dev house...

Insomniac could very well be a 3 at a time dev house with their new North Carolina Studio,so Naughty dog becoming a 2 at a time game studio is not that far fetched....

With lots of devs (pre-viz/concept art and some modelers,texture artists) finishing work earlier than post work devs,they could have had a foundation being built up for a few Months now,along with added devs being hired for another PS3 Jak game...Possibly this November when Uncharted 2 hits the streets,we will then see news on a new Jak for PS3....Seeing Jak and Uncharted taking turns in a cycle would be ideal....

Anyways,really hoping it's true,I actually have a friend that I worked with on past products working as an artist over at Naughty dog,and he is tight lipped,I cannot get anything out of him,he just says....(You shall see) and laughs his head off...

Here is to hoping.....

Bnet3435014d ago

I wish they made Jak younger again. :( I hate his older look, it makes the game less cartoon-ish IMO.

Beast_Master5014d ago

This is a typo. Uncharted 2 and then 3, Jak will not make an appearance until the end of the cycle at the earliest. To bad ND isn't big enough to do two titles at once, like Insomniac.

barom5014d ago

I love how the words "rumor" and "announced" is in the title.

nothere4135014d ago

You know... I can tell this article is fake because... NAUGHTYDOG ISN'T DOING JAK AND DAXTER GAMES ANYMORE. HIGH IMPACT GAMES IS.

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MiloGarret5014d ago

I do too, the Jak & Daxter games are some of my favourites.

Cajun Chicken5015d ago

WHAT?!? I'll count this as rumour until anything is confirmed...this could really f**k with me.

sinncross5015d ago

This is not much of a rumour since ND have implied many many times before that they will work on a new Jax and Daxter after Uncharted 2 and that it would utilize the uncharted engine.

TOO PAWNED5015d ago

they NEVER said that. Since they have "said" it "many" times, i am sure you can find one, just single one link that will confirm it.

Cajun Chicken5015d ago

They always said they would consider it, but the artists got fed up of drawing cartoony characters, some people however didn't want to move from Jak after Jak X. I'm not sure where that was said, but they'd like to go back to Jak, it was never confirmed though, but they've always been questioned about using the Uncharted engine for a new Jak.

Ju5014d ago

"Fed up"...well, swallow your pride and do some business :) Not sure if it would be good for ND. Their bread and butter now might be UC2, but the PS3 sure could use another high profile E rated game (after R&C). Its such a pity that some studios didn't carry their tradition over from the PS2 to the PS3. But the early demographic might have pointed towards a more mature audience, maybe the time is right to broaden that a bit. Jak & Dexter would sure help here.

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