Factor5 - Lair ONLY possible on the PS3

"The very basic fact is you could not do this engine completely as you see it there on any other system but the PS3.

We got so much physics running, so much animation running, we got the levels with 25,000 soldiers where we have to simulate the army combat which is going on on the ground we got all these dragons being animated of course. To pull of this world scale.

I think it would have been absolutely impossible on any other platform let alone a previous generation."

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DixieNormS4257d ago

just like how Fight Night was only possible on it as well. what a joke.

power of Green 4257d ago

Wii Sports is only possible on the Wii.

bung tickler4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

but... the ps3 has blu-ray so it can make special magic toast, and if you eat you will turn into a bunny that poops cell chips to cure cancer... so... the ps3 must be 1,375,289 times better than the Wii.

MoonDust4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )


TheWishman4256d ago

your a total idiot.

Wii is probably the worst piece of garbage i ever bought. Thank god i sold it for $450.

power of Green 4257d ago

I won't be loosing any sleep over Lair!.

PeeStree4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

cause you can't afford it :P

NewfZ4257d ago

I don't think he meant it so harshly, I think he was pushing at the fact they developed it specifically for the Cell Processor and he could only see it running smoothly as it does on the PS3. But then again he hasn't developed for the Xbox 360 so he really has nothing to compare to. I'd take his opinion much more seriously if he had worked on multiple consoles THEN made this statement, because he'd know what hes talking about, but in this case he only knows the PS3's architect its unlikely he has anything to really compare it to.

bung tickler4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

Like you said all he has worked on this gen is the ps3... and to say that something like a $3000-$4000 PC couldnt do lair is just plain crazy talk... he did say "nothing" else could do it.

As a side note, I much rather take the word of a company, say epic, that has worked on multiple formats when they say both systems (ps3 and 360) are about equal in power when it comes down to cpu, gpu, ram.

I really am getting sick of this "my d!ck is bigger than yours" crap from in-house devs and then when the game comes out it's just average or slightly better than average. They all can talk the talk but no one seems to walk the walk.

techie4257d ago

I have to disagree. He did say he cant think of any "consoles" this gen that could do it. SO PC is open for debate...what kind of PC could do it is another matter.

Also if they see these things that can be done on the ps3 and they know the specs of a 360 which they of course researched (Factor 5 were leaning to the 360) they obv know what they are talking about. And it's good to hear passionate devs, we need more of them.

gta_cb4257d ago

deepbrown we all know your biased towards Sony,

as for me i like both Sony and MS, i have a 360, but no PS3 as i cant afford one yet, but will deff get one. so far its all been pretty even, but with all the comparisons i have seen MS XBox 360 has been slightly better, so the PS3 has yet to prove its self to me, i have faith in it, but it hasnt done it yet.

Arkham4256d ago

+1 bub to you because you said "biased towards" instead of using the usual fanboy grammar, "you are bias". ;)

Uganda644255d ago

Uhh... Voluptuary. It's common knowledge that the 360's GPU is slightly better than the PS3, while the Cell is crazily more powerful than the 360's CPU. Isn't it more powerful than any CPU? Meaning PC couldn't handle the physics aspect etc? Or is there something better already out?

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techie4257d ago

I believe he's talking about progressive mesh. Only able to be done on the cell apparently . There's no doubt there#s huge advantages to the cell...but you clearly have to be developing purely for the ps3 to really make it sing.

bung tickler4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

There are also HUGE disadvantages to the cell as well, you gain something you lose something. thats what fanboys dont understand.

techie4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

Indeed that is something fanboys dont realise. It's bloody hard to get into that cell and add to that split memory in the PS3 it's a very tough cookie to crumble when you are not optimising for the cell.

But once your in...the cell is pretty "limitless". As time goes on that'll become evident as the tools improve.

ps. they are walking the walk. go watch the dev interviews on gametrailers. It really is immense and i dont think anyone can doubt that no matter what system it's on, just like noone doubts that gears looks amazing.