Lair Developer Walkthrough: Parts 1 & 2

Here is the first part of a developer walkthrough of Lair by Factor 5, in HD (SD embedded).

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techie4267d ago

Even though it's a grainy video...that's the most impressive so far. The palace looks amazing

Also Progressive mesh allows to have the textures on such a large scale - "this wasn't thought to be able to be done in real time, but it can be on the cell"..."there's no other system this gen that can do this". So huge landscapes to go from macro to micro is only possible with cell...interesting?

GaMr-4267d ago

Yea baby thats what im talking about.... I wanna see devs completely own the cell CPU. All I keep hearing is how powerful it is and it has no limitations well I want to see games tweak the hell out of it. (if thats even possible) But from what I have seen and heard Lair should be a nice start.

Do you see all those soldiers on screen at once with their own independent AI and animation. Amazing I tell ya. Gotta give respect no matter how much you hate Playstation Brand.

techie4267d ago

Most impressieve Lair stuff here! Watch now and approve.

SimmoUK4267d ago

Yeah really this a must see this is a town area with vast detailed buildings that go far into the distance, the water effects are incredible because of the cell as well it's like moving cgi down there, A+ videos best yet because it's different from the bridge area your all used to seeing...

Raist4267d ago

Ok now this is just crazy.

THAT'S what I call scale. And the number of stuff running on the screen is just ridiculous XD

More videos plz.

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The story is too old to be commented.