Gears of War 3 re-confirmed?

No-one seems to remember way back in 2006 when Gears of War first came out, from day one it was set to be a trilogy, though over the last few months Epic have said things like "There are no plans for a GoW trilogy" and they were handling things on "a game by game basis." Yet now it seems a third title MIGHT be coming.

KingKionic 5482d ago (Edited 5482d ago )

hey my avatar.

This would make sense because in the same oxm book there talking ,cliffy talked about gears of war movie coming out next year . cliffy saying "hopefully a 2010 release date"

ShabzS5482d ago (Edited 5482d ago )

i'd be excited for the movie if they just get the rock to star in it... i mean look at it this way if street fighter legend of chun lee can get the green light for a movie .... gears of war definitely has a chance... and the game actually has a good story behind it ... about adam fenix and marcus's treason to save him .... whats the deal with the queen and adam fenix... a lot of unexplored and frankly bad story TELLING from epics part hold it back... but the story is definitely there

KingKionic 5482d ago

It wasnt rushed at all. Maybe when it first launched it was pretty uh..long wait for matchmaking. But the single player and multiplayer are solid.

Jaces5482d ago

*looks at DOOM, Street Fighter, DOA, Blood Rayne*

This isn't going to end good if it ends up turning out a movie.

Defectiv3_Detectiv35482d ago

The only reason I kind of doubt a Gears announcement is because part 2 kind of underperformed for the series and I can't see them putting Gears3 up against HaloReach. It might be smart for Epic to bring this one out early in 2011.

And a Gears movie? Really? I just think the Gears universe is kind of weak for a movie. I mean, why is it so significant that they are on a different planet, it looks the same as earth to me? And why is it that these monsters just happen to emerge from the depths one day?

The characters are underdeveloped and the whole dystopian future thing is really getting cliche.

JohnnyBadfinger5482d ago

same can be said about Killzone 2, weak characters, under-done story plot and absolutely nothing new or memorable.

badz1495482d ago

nobody is talking about KZ2 here! people are talking about Gears!

SevWolf5482d ago

@ johnny...seriously dude, get a life, this is a Gears article nobody even brought up the mention of Killzone, if you wanna answer to a fanboy comment answer logically...nothing new or MEMORABLE??? lol, now ppl may say the story is weak but I really enjoyed it especially the ending, the characters were great, I mean they really made you HATE Rico, and if you go to Killzone.com you'll see there's a very nice story...
on topic: hopefully, if they choose the right actors, and the screenwriter wasn't bluffing about his script being great, then we could have a really good movie, hope both this and the bioshock movie end up to be blockbusters

Buttons5482d ago

lol @ Epic saying there won't be a trilogy. I completely believe them when they say they don't want millions of dollars.

Giriath5482d ago

Exactly. Gears of War sells millions on the name alone, of course there will be a third. It will probably be touted as the biggest, best and most badass game we've ever seen.

Dude4205482d ago

I think the reason why movies like Doom, Blood Rayne etc... fails is because there are so many things to cover and the movie ends up being rushed. Yes a big problem is the director too, but when you play a game for a whole day, how long will it take you, 6 - 8 hours? How long is your average movie, 1.5 - 2 hours? The movie has to live up to expectation within that time frame and there are things in the movie that end up changing stuff, or missing stuff.

The same thing with movie games, they try so hard to cover everything from the movie but ends up failing. When you look at games that have a different story like Riddick, Ghostbusters etc... it ends up being well received.

Beast_Master5482d ago

Wasn't this confirmed at the end of Gears 2? Same with every other game with a 2?

king dong35482d ago

halo in september, and gears in november...like it or not(the people i'm referring to know who they are) if they did this, then microsoft will have another bumper xmas.

i think, gears 3 running on the already outdated unreal3 engine. then, a whole new lot of gears games set before the locust, running on the unreal4 engine on the next xbox.

gears is probably the biggest new franchise this gen, expect to see alot more of this future!!

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PirateThom5482d ago

With the way GoW2 ended, I think anyone could predict a third wasn't far off. November of next year, unveiled at GDC 2010.

KingKionic 5482d ago

Yeah it lefted with a big cliff hanger. Cant wait for next one...wonder whats going on with the queen...

butterfinger5482d ago

Gears 2 a couple weeks ago, so I'm hoping that the final chapter in the trilogy will have an epic ending to make up for the ending to the second one. I bet we'll see Gears 3 in 2010.

Digital Commando5482d ago

There's no reason for it to, Halo: Reach is coming out fall 2010. So why would MS make the decision to release a Halo and a Gears at the same time? Also, whoever played Gears 2 when it came out would now it suffered from being rushed.

Bnet3435482d ago

It also ended with one of the crappiest boss fights ever

"hey, stand still and hold the Right Trigger until the monster dies"

Good one Epic.

meatnormous5482d ago (Edited 5482d ago )

I agree with the weak ass last boss comment. I really don't see a problem releasing both halo and gears in the same year. I am not a halo fan at all but I do like gears. Hate to see gears pushed back just because they compete for sales.

butterfinger5482d ago

that 4 people disagreed with me about Gears 2's ending. If you thought that was a good ending, I'm terrified that Epic might decide to do the same thing again.

GarandShooter5482d ago

@ Butterfinger

You are absolutely right, the final boss was weak and anti-climactic, especially when compared to Gears 1. Working your way up the train, fighting nearly all the different types of enemies to finally reach the final fight with Raam was awesome.

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jack who5482d ago

does it really need to be confirmed?

KingKionic 5482d ago

Well it`s going to be a interesting site to see next year if gears 3 comes out.

Halo : reach and gears 3....damn

-MD-5482d ago

That's gonna be like what 15 million+ sales? Rofl