TimeShift Preview - A new look at the redesigned time altering shooter.

It's been a long time since TimeShift first came around. The design of the game has changed quite a bit in the past year since Sierra decided to delay it.

One of the most impressive aspects of the redesigned TimeShift is the level of graphical detail in both the PC and Xbox 360 versions. There are realistic shadows cast by flashes of lightning overhead and roaring fires that boast excellent particle effects. Perhaps most impressively, slowing down time in the rain allows individual droplets to be seen up-close, distorting the background behind each drop.

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R34GTR4269d ago

Damn too bad its an xbox exclusive... Ohh wait no its not. They lost this one its multi now. Im deffly going to enjoy this on my PS3. Sweeet.

tony4269d ago

surprise! timeshift is turning from a horrible game to an interesting game. im kind of positive about the changes made. i would like to see it in action.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4269d ago

I bet you feel all alone right now.

n4g sucks4269d ago

picture 6 looks to good to be true...

VirtualGamer4269d ago

This game is not coming out for the PS3 so I am just curious why its been posted as PS3 news?

It does look good though!

fenderputty4269d ago

it is in fact coming out for the PS3.

techie4269d ago

Yup confirmed for the PS3 today...this article just doesnt know :)

VirtualGamer4269d ago

Cool stuff thanks for the update!

murc13lago4269d ago

damn looking good
caught me off guard
i wana know more

silent ninja4269d ago

i thought this game got cancelled

nice to see it make a come back

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The story is too old to be commented.