IGN: God of War III Graphics and Tech Interview

If there was one title at this year's E3 that got the Sony fanboys all riled up like free candy at a diet camp, it was God of War III. SCE Santa Monica has been hard at work crafting a compelling and truly grandiose setting for Kratos' final adventure, and IGN has played it and can happily report that it's going to deliver the goods.

But who cares about gameplay, right? You all want to know about one thing and one thing only – the graphics. How's this sucker going to look? Is the jump from PS2 to PS3 really going to blow you way, alter your life, bring about world peace and change the course of history forever?

Read on for the interview with God of War III's lead designer, Todd Papy, for his thoughts on making this final chapter the best action game on the PS3 – as well as one of the best looking – and what it's like to work around the corner from some of the industry's best development talent and being part of that knowledge share.

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WildArmed3595d ago

all i needed to hear was SCE Santa Monica Studio is making it.
One of sony's top dev teams

They have never disappointed us.

50CALheadshot3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

seriously, was there ever any doubt?

gt5 is in may............damn. 2010 looks better than 2009 already, and just look at what 2009 delivered so far. its going to be a wild ride. uncharted 2 beta is off the hook, highly addictive...especially if you have a good team.

Lifendz3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

I thought teh PS3z was inferior because Ghostbusters lacked some ember effects and ran at a lower resolution. /s

Exclusives > multiplats

And PS3 exclusives > anything available on any console.

And no need to hate because half of you 360 only owners know that God of War III is going to be the game that makes you break down and buy a PS3 whether Sony drops the price or not.

Bubbles for all God of War fans!

Headshot813595d ago

Is just so [email protected] bad ass. As always, the story is top notch,putting you in control of kratos while fighthing as one against the GODS we read about in greek mythology, in a HD infested gorefest warzone,I rarely use this word,but no other words can discribe this game, EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Quality games only possible on ps3" Santa monica;Take your time, doesn't matter when i get it,when it comes out I know it's going to SSIIICCCKK!!!!!.

AKNAA3595d ago

"If there was one title at this year's E3 that got the Sony fanboys all riled up like free candy at a diet camp"

God of war is a great series in general, so was it really necessary for IGN to use the term "Sony Fanboys"?! pretty stupid comment if you ask me considering the fact that you don't need to be a fanboy to appreciate the game itself.

moparful993595d ago

Sony just reassured me that my $600 that I handed them in nov of 2006 was used to cover stig asmussens pay check.. If sony gives us what we the gamers want, which is a CE that contains both original games on a blu ray, well then consider my purchase his bonus as well.... That demo was just pure epic and I pray to the sony gods that they let us have this demo on the ps store soon... I think we all need to band together and start a poll or something similar to show sony if we cant have the game this year at least give us the demo.

Syronicus3595d ago

How can this be? Does this show that when it comes to graphics, the PS3 is capable of so much more when the developer knows what they are doing?

I think so.

Mu5afir3594d ago

JAW DROPPED>>>>>> ;>>>

TheReaper423594d ago

Well syro, if you gave a set of paint and brushes to two different artists.. the outcome will show off their skills. Some are skilless and others are skillful. This is how i see the situation with the 1st party devs vs 3rd party devs.

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TrevorPhillips3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

this game is one hell of a game cannot wait to get my hands on it.

I've seen the gameplays over 20times especially the head ripping one that was some crazy shyts

idiealot3595d ago

same here. this is my most wanted game! and in second place we have no more heroes! 2010 gonna be a great year!

dantheman15153595d ago

When I saw Kratos stab a beast in the eye with its own horn, and then rip out the entrails of a centuar I had to make a trip to the bathroom. I am looking forward to Uncharted 2 more, but the game looks brutal. I know the graphics arent the super high end graphics some were expecting, but if they lowered the graphics in order to be able to put more enemies on screen and more cinematics in the background then Im all for it. Seeing this game in action brought the testosterone out of me like no time since I first saw Marcus Fenix chainsaw a guy in the original gears.

xabmol3595d ago

I'm more excited about the next R&C. It looks to be the best one yet!!

Am I right Cajun? I know you love them platformers as much as I do!


beavis4play3595d ago

but i couldn't pick between GOW3 and ratchet. i want both equally as much.

UnSelf3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

I hope u fight the Titans at ur regular size.

Taking out a toe at a time

Alcon3595d ago

you fight alongside the titans against the gods of Olympus. So I doubt you'll be able to fight them (would have been cool though ;)

TheHater3595d ago

Did you see the end of the E3 demo? If you did, then you will notice Kratos is clearly pissed off at the titan and he was about to take it's head off before the demo ended.

debuchan3595d ago

myth because Kratos killed them all lol.

deshon093595d ago

it going to be an epic end

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